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All the Samples

We are now selling (finally) all the samples.

Soon-to-be Schmilk Chocolate samples.

Now that Rosa Labs has switched entirely to soy protein with the release of Soylent 1.6, we’ve been giving away a lot of Schmilk and Light Fuel samples to people with soy allergies. I’m one of those “allergic to everything” people, so all of our stuff is hypoallergenic, or rather, free of the top eight allergens – including gluten and soy.

Anyway, all that work going back and forth by email to work out each sample order and manually entering them into our shipping system has finally motivated me to actually add samples to the Super Body Fuel website as legit products you can buy. :p

So now you can get individual meal samples of any flavor, with the exact same formula and nutrients as the full packs:

Oh, and you can also use the SCHMAMPLE coupon code for 20% off. Enjoy. :)

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