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August 2017 Update

Hi everyone,

Happy August! :) We have even more updates for you at Super Body Fuel:

  • Keto Fuel: all flavors now with MCT oil!
  • Light Fuel: just renamed to Super Fuel.
  • Super Fiber: our MCT fiber mix is for sale!

The improvements that we announced in our last update have finally made their way to all the flavors of Keto Fuel, with powdered MCT oil along with the new rice protein and better-tasting potassium. So if you’ve been waiting for the go-ahead, this is it – go ahead and order! ;) We’ve sent samples of the new Keto Fuel to everyone who complained about the taste of the old version, and the response has been unanimous: it’s way better! I’m excited to hear how you like it – please let us know once you’ve tried it. :)

Also, now that Light Fuel has completely switched over to the new version as well, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to rename it to Super Fuel! :D After hearing from a number of customers who passed over “Light Fuel” because the name was unappealing, I consulted with many long-time customers, who all agreed that it would make a lot more sense to call it “Super Fuel” instead. If Keto Fuel is for losing weight and Athlete Fuel is for building muscle, Super Fuel is really meant to be our healthy, maintenance option, and now its name finally reflects this. :) So take a look if that’s something that interests you – it’s my favorite, and I think you might like it too.

For the DIYers out there, we have just started selling our acacia-based MCT oil powder as a standalone ingredient, alongside our Super Electrolytes and Super Micros. Based on the suggestion of a community member, we’re calling it Super Fiber, because it consists of a prebiotic fiber (Acacia Gum) combined with a ketogenic fat (Medium-Chain Triglycerides). The cool thing is, you can now easily create your own ketogenic meal shake by combining a flavored protein powder and a fat source such as heavy cream with our Super Fiber, Super Electrolytes, and Super Micros. And that’s just the start. ;) I look forward to even more ways of making DIY cheaper, easier, and more effective over time.

Lastly, our warehouse manager Ben has moved to the East Coast to go back to school, so Jamaica has stepped up to take his place shipping orders, buying ingredients and replying to emails. You may hear from her if you send us an email in the near future. So, good luck to Ben and congratulations to Jamaica on her new role! :D

Coming soon:

  • Himalayan pink salt instead of sea salt!
  • Insoluble fiber: any volunteers for testing?

One imminent update that some of you may be excited to hear about is replacing our Sea Salt with Himalayan Pink Salt. Not only is it a nifty pink color, but it has trace amounts of nearly every element, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re getting enough, say, gold or silver in your diet or any other as-yet-unknown dietary requirements that may or may not be necessary in very tiny amounts.

Finally, the biggest update we have on the horizon is adding some form of insoluble fiber, to go along with all the soluble fiber we’ve been adding in the form of Acacia Gum. We’ve got a few candidates in mind for this addition, but we’d like to test them first, to make sure they don’t have any unintended side effects like gas or bloating. You never know with fiber. :p That means we need some brave volunteers to help us test it out. If you’re up for ingesting two or three fiber samples over the course of a week and recording your results, let us know! And make sure to include your current shipping address. ;)

Thanks as always for your continued feedback and support!

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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