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Basically Food Update (delays)

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Hi everyone,

Hope your summer is off to a good start! :) A lot of you have been wondering what’s up with all the Basically Food flavors that have been out of stock for the past several months, and I want to apologize for not sending out an update sooner. It’s a big deal to depend on us for your food intake, and of course you’d want to be secure in knowing what’s going on, especially when things are going out of stock! I’m really sorry for not doing a better job with keeping you up to date.

So, assuming you saw the January update already, the news is that things with the new new manufacturer fell through at the last minute, and we had to start over with another manufacturer, setting things back by a few months. :s We’re doing our best to accelerate the timeline for BOOST chocolate in particular, but even that has been delayed. The latest setback is that we’ve had to scrap thousands of dollars worth of our existing vitamin premix because things took so long with finding a new manufacturer that it expired, pushing things back by at least a month or two! So we’ve put in an order for a new batch of vitamin premix – this time with cellulose mixed in, as in Basically Vitamins, to protect from humidity and extend the shelf life.

It takes two months (they say) for our premix manufacturer to make a new batch of vitamins and send it to our product manufacturer, at which point they should already have the other ingredients they need and can start manufacturing pretty much immediately, if all goes well. That means that we should have BOOST chocolate back in stock in early September, with BOOST vanilla, BUILD chocolate, and BURN chocolate to follow soon after (all without DHA). I know that’s not exactly “soon” and I feel really bad because I thought we’d have all this stuff done months ago. :( But that’s where we’re at.

You know the children’s book series A Series of Unfortunate Events? It’s been feeling kind of like that, with setback after setback. :p

As many of you have also pointed out, the website is still a neglected mess, and I apologize for that. I know it’s hard to feel confident about what you’re eating when the website still says “under construction” and that makes it hard to recommend it to new people, too. But given our manufacturing challenges, we’ve chosen to focus on the key behind-the-scenes things like replenishing our inventory for existing customers, rather than making the website more trustworthy and appealing to new customers. It makes me feel bad every time I think about it, but these are the tradeoffs we’ve had to make under the circumstances. :/

Here at Basically Food, we’re all itching to have an abundance of quality product available so that we can focus on the fun stuff – sharing with you all and reaching out to new customers with interesting, informative, inspiring content about nutrition, my weird biohacking experiments, DIY ‘lents and cooking, and how Basically Food fits into different people’s lives and hopefully makes a positive difference.

It’s so frustrating for that to still be just out of reach, even a year into the rebrand. I feel the tension of waiting, where things are mostly out of your control and in the hands of people who don’t care as much as you do, moving so infuriatingly and inexplicably slowly. That’s been our experience, trying to get manufacturing going for the last year. But we care. And we’re here to answer any questions if you want to reach out to us. Send us an email. :)

Thanks for hanging in there with us. Things will get better soon. <3

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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