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Manufacturing Technician

Manufacturing Technician

We’re hiring!

About Us

Super Body Fuel is a small, self-funded food manufacturing startup in San Francisco’s industrial Dogpatch neighborhood. We make it easy for people to take control of their health and achieve their ideal diet, regardless of time, money, or dietary restrictions. That is, we make nutritionally complete, powdered meals available in diet plans ranging from ketogenic to high-protein. Our products are engineered for optimal nutrition and the widest possible accessibility. That means they are not only affordable and tasty, but also vegan, hypoallergenic, and free of artificial sweeteners and added sugar.

We’ve been growing organically for the past year, without the aid of an advertising budget or venture capital (though we did get some nice coverage in The New York Times and Forbes!). Now we’re looking for a Manufacturing Technician to help us take the next step in scaling our business and bringing optimal nutrition to the world.

About the Job

As a manufacturing technician, you’ll be responsible for turning ingredients into finished products. This includes measuring and mixing ingredients, packaging products, and keeping batch records, as well as cleaning and maintaining the manufacturing facility and equipment. Your focus is on meeting quality standards, following safety procedures, and producing quickly and consistently enough that our customers never have to wait for an order. You’ll work alongside one other manufacturing technician, as well as the warehouse manager, who is responsible for supplying you with ingredients and shipping out products to customers.

In this role, you’ll be working ~30 hours a week at $14/hour at our Dogpatch facility. Opportunities for more hours, more pay, and advancement to warehouse management or marketing roles may become available as our company grows.

About You

You like working with your hands and easily slip into a meditative flow state while doing repetitive tasks. You have an eye for detail and notice when an ingredient measurement is off or a bin has not been thoroughly washed. More importantly, you care about quality and take the time to correct a problem even when it’s not convenient. You are always eager to help out your team and to be the kind of person they look forward to working with each day. You have no problem remembering all of our operating procedures or asking questions when you aren’t sure what to do. And at the end of the day, you feel genuine satisfaction looking over a shelf full of finished product and a spotless workspace with everything in its place.

Previous kitchen experience is a plus. Good writing skills are a must for future advancement opportunities.


  • Produce the required number of batches every week.
  • Clean and maintain manufacturing facility and equipment.
  • Follow operating procedures to ensure health, safety and quality.
  • Keep detailed batch records, including measurement confirmations.
  • Measure ingredients quickly and accurately, within 1 gram or less.
  • Restock ingredients from bags weighing up to 55 lbs.


  • You care about health and nutrition.
  • You are willing and available to work ~30 hours a week.
  • You are able to pass a California Food Handler Certification test.
  • You have the dexterity to measure quickly and precisely.
  • You have the stamina to stand for several hours.
  • You have the strength to lift and carry 55 lbs.
  • You easily remember rules and procedures.
  • You enjoy organizing and cleaning up.
  • You manage your time efficiently.

How to Apply

Super Body Fuel is growing and we are looking for employees who want to grow with us and make a difference in the world. If you are interested, please email your resume to jobs AT superbodyfuel DOT com along with a few sentences telling us about the food that you eat (or don’t eat, if that’s more interesting!). We like people who really care about what they do, so tell us what inspires you to join our team.