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Finally… Flavor!

When Super Body Fuel first got started in June, we had a few customers ask us for a cinnamon Keto Fuel, or a plain, unsweetened version of Schmilk. We have always wanted to try to emphasize flavor here at Super Body Fuel, but we had to restrict the number of flavors due to our limited shelf space.

However, since our mixer makes such small batches we’re now able to start “tumbling” out the flavor options!

Our first batch of Light Fuel Cinnamon.

So, without further ado, our four new flavors: Keto Fuel CinnamonLight Fuel CinnamonSchmilk Plain, and Athlete Fuel Plain.

Now you can experiment with crazy flavor combinations to your heart’s content with the plain Schmilk and Athlete Fuel! Unless you just wanted a stevia-free version, then that’s fine too.

To show that we listen to our many faithful customers… James, we finally made the cinnamon versions! So far, they are Alex’s new favorite flavor for the Keto and Light Fuel recipes. The milk-based fuels are still my go-to, but the cinnamon does complement the rice protein taste of Keto and Light Fuel nicely.

Alex holds the cinnamon up to the light.

Now every product is available in all four flavors: vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, and plain!

Got a flavor idea you’d like to see? Let us know! If we get enough requests we’ll consider throwing them into rotation along with our standard flavors.

Oh, and if you’re curious about samples or sample packs, contact us directly at hello AT superbodyfuel DOT com. We’ll work out the details to send some your way.

Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Finally… Flavor!

  1. All hail the return of the One True Flavor of Keto Fuel! :D

    1. Darn right! ;)

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