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January 2017 Update

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! :) This past year has been quite a trek for us at Super Body Fuel, with a lot of milestones and changes – not the least of which was the business finally breaking even halfway through 2016! :p

I’m really looking forward to 2017. I think it will be a lot more fun. ;)

Here are the headlines:

  • Sale! 10% off this week with coupon code: TAKEOFF
  • Our vegan vitamin mix: finally shipping. Again.
  • DIY support including ingredients and published recipes.
  • Vanilla beans instead of vanilla extract: no more sugar!

Read on for the full story.

Things have been coming together. The product has improved so much, from better packaging to smoother rice protein and lysine to fart-free fiber sources and monkfruit with no stevia aftertaste. And soon, we’ll have our own custom vitamin premix again, providing an optimal micronutrient mix that I’m really excited to experience for myself and share with you.

Production is now a smooth and streamlined process, with an awesome team. Ben is now shipping your orders and managing the warehouse and ingredient supply, while Justin and Jamaica are manufacturing hundreds of bags a week with William’s part-time help. With daily operations safely in their capable hands, I am finally able to direct my attention to new initiatives and improvements for 2017, which I cannot wait to share with you all. :)

But first, we’re doing a New Year’s sale, just like last year, to help you out with your diet-related resolutions (or intentions, if you prefer) this year.

Use the coupon code TAKEOFF to take 10% off everything this week at Super Body Fuel.

And here’s some good news: After a delay of over two months, our second shipment of the custom vitamin premix has just been released from final testing and will be arriving soon. We hope to start using it within a couple weeks, instead of the Paradise Herbs vitamin we’ve been using in its place.

Even better, we’ve found a new vitamin manufacturer that will be able to process our orders much faster and provide us with a more reliable supply of the premix. So we look forward to not running out of it in the future! ;p

That also means that we can start selling the vitamin mix as a standalone product, as promised. A big part of what I want to do this year involves supporting the DIY community, starting with making the vitamin mix available, and then publishing our finalized recipes along with better educational content about nutrition and the practical side of getting started with DIY.

And yes, there are some recipe updates on the way. Aside from the vitamin mix, that includes using whole ground vanilla beans instead of a sugar-based vanilla extract for our vanilla-flavored variations. That way we’ll really have no amount of added sugar at all in our products! Plus it has a more complex, authentic flavor when you use the whole bean (or technically, the whole seed pod, for those of you with legume allergies). It’s kind of floral, actually.

More to come. In the meantime, enjoy the sale. If you have a subscription, feel free to cancel it and start a new one with the coupon code so you can get that 10% off. ;)

Thanks for your support, and best of luck with all your new endeavors in the new year. :)

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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