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June 2018 Update

Hi everyone,

Happy summer! :) In honor of the summer solstice, the official start of summer, we have a new subscriptions sale for you, as well as a few other announcements:

  • Reduced prices: subscriptions now 20% off instead of 10% off!
  • Super Protein: hypoallergenic, complete protein mix now available.
  • Global vanilla shortage: vanilla extract replacing vanilla bean powder.
  • Schmilk Vanilla: it’s finally here!

As you may remember in the beginning of this year, we had a really big sale in January where everything was 20% off or more, right at the point where we’d just about break even. It was a big success in that you all sure bought a lot of stuff (thank you!), but it was also too much for us to handle and we got backlogged for a really long time! :p

Fortunately, we caught up with our backlog two months ago, and have been shipping out next-day or close to it ever since then. Things have been so smooth and stable since then that apparently I’m itching to play with fire again and try out another sale! ;) This time we’ll do a smaller sale – we’ll reduce the price of just subscriptions, and reduce them by $5 instead of $10. That means that Athlete Fuel, normally $50, or $45 for a subscription, is now only $40 for a subscription.

However, for Schmilk, we’re going even further. Just like we’ve subsidized our DIY ingredients and international shipping, offering them at barely breakeven prices while making money on our other products, we’re going to do the same thing with Schmilk. Instead of $30 for Schmilk and $25 for a Schmilk subscription, we’ll be charging $25 for Schmilk and $20 for a Schmilk subscription. We really can’t go any lower than that. But since Schmilk is our low-price option, we really want to make sure it is accessible to everyone, even on a very restrictive budget. So now you can subscribe to a month’s worth of Schmilk for $120, with free shipping, plus up to $60 of whole milk. That’s less than $200 for a month’s worth of complete nutrition. :)

How long will this sale last? My hope is make these price drops permanent, but at the very least we’ll keep it going to through the end of the month. ;) However, this time, we’ll keep the subscriptions at the sale price even after the sale ends, if it ever does. Only new subscriptions will start at the old price, in that case. So it’s a smaller sale, but it’s a sustained sale. If you secure your subscription now, you’ll have it as long as you want. Oh, and if you already have an existing subscription, we’ll make sure to adjust the price for that too, so you don’t have to do anything. ;)

In other news, we’ve recently added Super Protein to our lineup of discounted, high-quality DIY ingredients! Combine it with Super FiberSuper Electrolytes, and Super Micros, and you get, essentially, Keto Fuel Plain. Or just use it on its own as a hypoallergenic, vegan protein powder with a balanced amino acid profile, that also has a reasonably good taste and texture.

We’re able to sell it for $3 a day (at 100g protein per day) which is competitive with the majority of organic rice protein powder on the market. But ours has added Lysine to balance out the amino acid profile, as well as Cellulose for insoluble fiber to prevent constipation, and a little Xanthan Gum to improve the texture and stability. And we source from a specific manufacturer whose organic rice protein has a much better taste and texture than comparable brands, while also being low in heavy metals. :)

We’ve also, at long last, made Schmilk Vanilla available to order! :) Ironically, this is also when we ran out of our vanilla bean powder, and our supplier actually did not have any more, thanks to the global vanilla bean shortage that has been going on for the past couple years! Fortunately, we were able to find a vanilla extract, made from real vanilla beans, that is on a fructose-free carrier (dextrose, which is essentially just glucose) instead of the sugar-based carrier we had found in the past, so our products are still low-FODMAP friendly even with this change. :D

So far people actually seem to like the taste of the vanilla extract version better, though it’s very subjective (and you don’t get those fancy black vanilla bean specks in the mix anymore!). Let us know what you think – we’re really curious how the new vanilla compares! :)

Speaking of taste, we’ve also updated our labels and our FAQ to recommend avocado oil as the best oil to use for Super Fuel and Keto Fuel, instead of olive oil. I’ve been testing out a bunch of different oils, and avocado oil not only rivals extra virgin olive oil as the healthiest (same lipid profile and more vitamins, but fewer antioxidants), it also tastes the best! Of course, it’s not always as easy to find, and it can be expensive, so we’re also recommending olive oilhigh-oleic sunflower oil, and even canola oil as cheaper alternatives, in descending order of price… and quality! :p Say what you will about canola oil, but it’s definitely the least worst of the cheap oils – way better than soybean oil or corn oil.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why you’re not seeing subscriptions on the Super Body Fuel shop page anymore, I found a plugin that finally lets us combine one-time and subscription purchases onto the same product page! :D The old subscription product pages are still there, but they’re not featured anymore because they’re not necessary. Hope you like the new look. ;)

Thanks again, and enjoy the summer! :D

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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