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We Have Liftoff!

We’re shipping! :D

Our very first shipment, ready for pickup.

Yesterday, USPS picked up our first shipment of pre-orders, 43 packages in all.

We should be shipping out a couple dozen more by the end of this week.

This is a major milestone. The circle is finally complete! We’re leaving the runway. But we’re not yet at 30,000 feet.

Packing up some Athlete Fuel, with actual Nutrition Facts!

Does it feel good? Yes. But the work has only begun.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it will likely take another month or so to clear out all the pre-orders. By the end of October, we hope to have caught up with our backlog, to be shipping new orders next-day. We’re looking forward to that!

But in the meantime, we just have to crank it out. ;)

I’ll be posting the Nutrition Facts next. Stay tuned.

17 thoughts on “We Have Liftoff!

  1. Do you see any nutrient deficiencies when using homemade soymilk? (Soybeans, Water, that’s it…)

    1. I forgot to mention; this would be for the 1200 calorie / 32oz version. Thanks…

    2. Depends how much calcium is in the soybeans. You may need to take a calcium supplement.

      1. When you have time (LOL?!) can you figure out what the consumer needs to add to bring single ingredient “milks” up to code?

        There is no way in hell I’m going back to cow milk; goat milk is extremely expensive, and the only store bought soy/almond milk I would trust (carrageenan, non-gmo) runs around $5 for 64oz (doesn’t come any larger.)

        Even if I went with the 32oz recipe for weight loss it still quite pricey. I want to get a Soy milk maker – which will also make other nut milks; but I’m unclear of what I need to add since it won’t contain any additional supplements.

        If you can kind of guess-ti-mate what kind of additional tablets/pills of what I would need that would be very helpful.

        I don’t mean to make your life harder – it’s just my financial situation is very different now and while I applaud your efforts to making Schmilk very low cost – I just can’t go back to dairy milk anymore.

        1. The only micronutrients that Schmilk powder is missing significant amounts of (normally provided by the milk) would be the electrolytes: calcium, potassium, and magnesium, in that order.

          You’ll probably get enough magnesium with the soybeans, but you’ll probably want to supplement enough calcium to get an additional 50% DV or so. The soy will provide some potassium, but you may want to supplement that as well.

          Calcium pills are easy to get, but you can’t really do the same for potassium, so you may have to get your own potassium citrate powder and measure out perhaps a teaspoon per day. And in that case, you might as well use calcium citrate powder instead of pills – about a teaspoon per day would be reasonable.

          I don’t know the concentration or exact content of your proposed homemade soy milk, but a teaspoon per day each of potassium citrate and calcium citrate should keep you within a reasonably safe range.

          Hope that helps!

  2. I’m curious on the status of current back-orders. Has it been improving?

    1. Yes, we’ve already shipped out all the June and July pre-orders, and we should be shipping the rest of the August and September pre-orders by the end of the month. After that, turnaround time on new orders should be very quick. ;)

      1. Cool. I ordered myself a package of schmilk. First time user. Anything I should expect or is it literally just pour milk and shake till done.

        1. Yeah, it’s just mix it with milk and you’re ready to drink it. I ordered Schmilk twice before and that’s all I did with it.

  3. I tried your sampler pack from back when you were still Custom Body Fuel, and they all left a very sandy sediment after every drink that I couldn’t get past to enjoy the product. :(
    On faith after I saw you had posted you’d overhauled the flavor and texture, I bought some Schmilk (Original) to give your new stuff a try. Hot damn, you weren’t joking. It is super delicious, and doesn’t leave that sandy grit at all like the old stuff did. Just downed my first glass and am resisting the urge to get another since it’s already 11 at night, want to save it for tomorrow.
    Keep up the great work! I’ll be trying out a few other options for sure soon.
    Any chance we’ll be seeing a ‘sampler’ pack with the new stuff anytime?

    1. That’s what I like to hear, haha! :D I guess all that fine-tuning paid off.

      A sampler pack is a challenge, logistically. Of course, you’re not the only one who’s asked about that, so I’m sure we’ll be trying to figure out how we could make that work. ;)

  4. I wish you great success :)

    1. Thanks Nathalie! :)

  5. Love the new texture of Schmoylent, just ordered another 6 bags.

    1. Awesome! :D How did you like the new chocolate flavor? Is it too rich compared to the old Schmoylent Chocolate, or do you like it like that? :)

      1. I like the new flavor a lot more.

        1. Good to hear! :)

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