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Keto Fuel is a powder that you mix with oil and water to make a complete meal.

It has just the calories you want, from 1200 to 2500 calories a day depending on how much oil you add.

It has all the nutrients you need, with almost no carbs, for the fat-burning metabolic mode of ketosis.

It tastes a bit like cake batter.

It is gluten-free, dairy-freesoy-freenut-free, and vegan.

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12 reviews for Keto Fuel Subscription

  1. tetr4 (verified owner)

    I’ve been on the vanilla and chocolate subscription since late last year and it has been awesome for me overall. I originally was looking for a meal replacement, but came across this keto version and thought why not? Maybe I could lose weight without doing anything. I didn’t start losing weight until the quarantine hit because I was basically only eating the keto mix. Before quarantine I still ate regular food here and there. Since quarantine I’ve lost roughly 20lbs! So if you’re looking to lose weight, you need to be more strict with yourself while using the keto mix if you want results.

    In terms of flavor, I prefer the chocolate over vanilla. Vanilla is a little too bland after a full bag, it’s really easy to get tired of. The chocolate one is actually pretty good. I’m about to get the cinnamon one a try now.

  2. Alex (verified owner)

    As someone with a hundred allergies, including an oat allergy that’s prohibited the use of many other -lents, Keto Fuel has been a great option for me!
    The taste is similar to early Soylent. The rice protein makes it a little gritty, but not nearly as gritty as Huel. This can be eliminated by cutting the fuel with a scoop of whey or soy protein.
    The modularity is also early Soylent-esque. Being able to choose my own oil has been a life saver. The neutral flavor makes it easy to tweak depending on what I’m craving. The powder arrives in a big resealable bag, another plus if you want to adjust ratios.
    Taste is neutral compared to most others, even with pre-mixed flavors – not a con or pro. Energy levels and satiation are the best of any -lent I’ve tried. And most importantly, my stomach prefers Keto Fuel over all else.
    This was my last option when I was sampling a bunch of -lents. My expectations were low because of the cheap price and minimalist website, but this turned out to be exceptional!
    I highly recommend it! Grab their cheap samples if you’re unsure!

  3. Christopher (verified owner)

    I found out about SBF Keto Fuel on a Reddit thread about meal replacements. Coming from Soylent 2.0, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really love the convenience of being able to just crack a bottle any time I’m hungry. I can comfortably say the prep work for Chocolate Keto Fuel is worth it. It’s soooo tasty! Hard to convince myself that this stuff is healthy.

    I wouldn’t “eat” it all the time… I think it may be too rich for that. You wouldn’t eat ice cream all the time either. We naturally crave variety. It’s an incredible alternative to actual milkshakes though. Monkfruit extract over Stevia was a great choice. As a convenient meal option it’s 5-stars from me.

  4. Casey (verified owner)

    Tried the cinnamon keto fuel shake today for the first time and it was delicious! I added the water plus 2 tbsp of safflower oil and it came out great. Perfect amount of fat for my keto diet. I mixed it and let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours. I found, the longer left to sit, the thicker and better tasting it becomes. I even add a serving of lily’s dark chocolate chips (no sugar added) occasionally to give it a little something extra. They said it would arrive in 7-10 days but got to my house in 3. These guys are the real deal.

    My only question, if I get sick of the cinnamon, is there a way to change the flavor in my subscription? Or do I have to cancel this one and start a new one?

    • axcho (verified owner)

      Glad you liked it so much, thanks! :D You are always welcome to email us to change the flavor or amount of your subscription – no need to cancel and start over. ;)

  5. Mehmood (verified owner)

    I rarely write reviews, but had to give this product a thumbs up because it is well researched, executed, and done right.

    I was looking for a convenient way to do a keto cut without needing to prepare a lot of meals, and am using this for a full diet replacement (4 scoops a day). While in ketosis, and since October 26th (a little over 3 weeks now), I’ve lost about 15 pounds, and realistically about 7-8 pounds being water, and the other 8-9 pounds being fat. I currently also do 1-2 days of fasting a week where I also ensure I have broths supplemented with potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, some fish oil, and on the 5-6 days where I have my Keto shakes, I will intermittent fast until 12 PM, and close my eating window at 8 PM). I also drink a lot of seltzer water with lemon/lime and some ice cubes thrown in as ketosis is dehydrating. As my body fat goes down, I will eliminate the 1-2 day fasts.

    I subscribe to keto/paleo way of living, and Alex’s formula is spot on. It has the right ratios of potassium to sodium (paleo-esque), FIBER, has MCT oil for immediate ketone production, and all the right amounts of electrolytes/minerals/vitamins/etc. It even has choline & magnesium in the right amounts. I feel secure in Alex’s formulation, and it’s evident he’s done his due diligence in creating a keto meal replacement drink, and know’s what he is doing. It also tastes good.

    I personally have been doing six bags a month which costs $270/month – I currently weigh around 192 pounds (down from 206 about 3 weeks ago), 6’0″, ~22% BF, and so the level of protein in this is proper for a keto weight loss. My target weight is around 165-170 pounds around 10% BF. The $270/month is a lot of money, or $67.50/week, but I am hardly eating out, or buying as many groceries, and eventually, once I reach my target body weight/composition, I can introduce cheaper more solid foods. This product is mainly for convenience, although if you wish, you could use this product in the long term without much ill effect, imho.

    I prefer using the heavy cream at 15 mL per scoop. In total, I am doing 60mL of heavy cream per day for 4 scoops, and 1500 mL water, which is the 1050 calories he mentions on the nutrition label. With all the fluid, and powders, it is a total of about 64-68 ounces of liquid, and is very filling. I have no hunger pangs when consuming this for an entire day. I haven’t done olive oil, but I would think heavy cream tastes better. Note: heavy cream has almost no lactose (only 3% lactose – so if you’re doing 60mL of heavy cream a day, it’s hardly anything).

    If you’re looking to do a full day meal replacement, this is it. I bought 6 bags/month (I personally do 2 cinnamon, 2 vanilla, and 2 chocolate). I personally enjoyed the chocolate the most – cinnamon, and vanilla are good too, and help give some variety. The cinnamon flavor isn’t too strong, and the vanilla doesn’t really taste like vanilla. I actually thought the vanilla was more of a mild chocolate if anything.

    Now: if you don’t have any peanut allergies, I recommend getting PBFit and throwing a tablespoon per scoop, and it makes the shakes taste heavenly. Also, it is important to ensure that you chill these drinks daily (around 8-10 hours) for maximum flavor, or it won’t taste as good.

    For entire day use – I also recommend getting stainless steel vacuum insulated containers. 2 32 oz HydroFlasks or Swig Savvy containers (which are cheaper but just as good imo). What I do is 2 scoops of powder say chocolate with 750 mL of water + 30 mL of heavy cream + 2 tablespoons of PBFit (50 cal), mix in blender, and pour in the steel bottle and cool overnight. I then also do another 2 scoops of a different flavor powder like vanilla with 750 ml water + 30 mL heavy cream + 2 tablespoon of PBFit (50 cal). In total all 4 scoops with pbfit + total 60 mL of heavy cream is about 1150 calories per day.

    You could do a 64 oz stainless steel container rather than 2 32 oz ones, but then you’ll be doing one flavor for the entire day.

    What else? I hope they introduce more flavors like strawberry, “mocha”/coffee, banana, and so forth. I think SuperBodyFuel/Alex’s formulation is better than KetoChow because it doesn’t taste “synthetic”/artificial-tasting flavoring – you know like Splenda. He uses a high quality rice protein concentrate which, of course, has no lactose, and imo, tastes better to me than whey protein, but YMMV. Rice protein has its pros and cons – it feels finer, softer, and better for people with whey sensitivities, but it has a slow absorption like casein protein. If you are a weight lifter doing something like KetoGains/ketosis, then some BCAA (5-6g) before your weight lifting might be useful.

    Also, it has MCT oil in it which, which is a huge plus, because if you do keto, know gets shunted to the liver directly for immediate ketone production that can be used for a mental boost by the brain (Source:

    1) Perhaps offer longer term bulk discounts say buying 3-6 months supply.
    2) Consider selling on Amazon for 2 day shipping?
    3) Introduce more flavors.

    Other tips:
    If you’re looking to use this for a cut/fat loss, keep your aerobic activity to a minimum (no long distance running, no HIIT, etc.). You want to do this to help prevent hunger cravings. You can do some LISS walking, and some compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, military press, bench press, ab crunches, and some pullups 1-2 sets at low volume: look up Leangains/Martin Berkhan’s RPT cut – 2-3x a week to help maintain muscle mass while losing weight. You don’t have to exercise while cutting, but it does help maintain muscle while cutting. Err on the side of less rather than more to help prevent hunger cravings, and overtraining on a cut.

    Long-term use: On reddit, anecdotes have shown that long-term use is fine. See: .

    – I recommend getting a WiFi Withings scale to sync with your phone so you can check your progress on a daily/weekly basis, and can check on the website.

    – Get a before and after DEXA scan. IMO, as a male, you should keep cutting until you reach about 10% BF (if you are lifting), or at the very least 15% BF. Girls between 16-20% BF. It may cost you about $50-$120 for each scan, but it will be a worthwhile investment. The body fat calculators on weight scales are nice for progress, but aren’t entirely accurate. On keto, you will find that your body fat % is higher than it really is due to less water weight creating more resistance, and skewing your BF %. DEXA scan is the only practical to get an accurate reading.

    – Blood pressure was around 132/85 before going on keto (largely due to high sodium:potassium ratio), and now has been hovering around 120/80. I believe most of this, so far, is coming from water reduction from glycogen depletion, as well as the favorable potassium:sodium ratio (as well as magnesium) which all help keep blood pressure controlled.

    Note: These are my own personal opinions, and not medical advice. Do your own research :)

  6. Addison (verified owner)

    Keto Fuel is a acquired taste. Before they added the MCT oil it was kinda chalky, but chugging it down I was in ketosis in about 3 days. I opted to make every meal a Keto Fuel meal and that was a bad idea. It got to the point to where I would gag just trying to drink it. (I also think making it too thick might have added to that.) But now we get to the new Keto Fuel. New rice protein and potassium has given it new flavor, better tasting. I tried the Vanilla sample and it didn’t taste like vanilla to me. It was decent to say the least. But if you are looking for a substitute for a snack then this is it. Even if it’s once a day the stuff works and works well. 4/5 because of the taste. 5 stars if we can actually make it taste like cake batter.

  7. Darnell (verified owner)

    First off, the effect: I’m losing weight. My energy levels are very consistent. I almost never get tired during the day if I’ve had adequate sleep. When eating carbs, I was a mess. Almost any carbs would make me feel like I needed a nap. And, people are telling me every day that I look like I’ve been working out (which I haven’t been doing much more of) and that I look in the body and in my face like I’ve been losing weight. Even one of my doctors weighed me and told me to keep up whatever it is I’m doing. My weight topped out in the high 260s. I’m currently in the high 230s, I believe. (My old scale died, so I don’t have one handy.)

    I have subscriptions for Vanilla and Chocolate. It’s cheap compared to most other low carb foods. The oils aren’t too expensive either. I opted for the MCT oil rather than coconut oil. It’s tasteless and I’ve heard great things about its benefits. Watch some YouTube videos on the differences to make your decision as to which of the two you’ll use.

    As far as this powder goes… it makes it a LOT easier to get started with a Ketosis diet. No meal planning and minimal prep involved. Just make a few shakes and stick them in the fridge. They’ll stay good for a couple days.

    The taste is fine. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I tolerate it. I make sure to switch it up and eat some low carb veggies every now and then to keep the flavor from getting monotonous. Though, I mostly stay busy enough that I don’t think about food after having a shake. I just never really get hungry anymore.

    Some tips:
    – For ease of prep, pre-mix a bottle of Virgin Olive Oil and MCT Oil (or coconut oil) at a 2 to 1 ratio so all you have to do is pour out 3 Tbsp of the mixture. I dispense it like a bartender and count in my head to get approximately the right amount. I practiced this by marking a line on my containers at the 3 Tbsp mark, then trying many times.
    – When you crave something sweet, add a few drops of Stevia liquid or a packet of powder to a shake. I don’t believe this will affect your ketosis.
    – Buy Ketone urine test strips. You should see ketones after a few days. Then after a couple of months you won’t. This is because your body gets better at using the ketones, so it stops expelling them in your urine. You’ll need blood tests at that point if you’re curious whether you’re in ketosis.
    – Don’t drink your shakes too fast. They’re decently high in protein, so you can get gassy. Spreading them out by sipping will help give your body time to digest them so bacteria in your gut don’t eat the protein instead.
    – Don’t eat extra protein. This will prevent you from going into ketosis. You want your body to learn to break down fats. It won’t do this if you’re giving it a lot of protein. The 100g in 4 shakes sounds like the right amount, from what I’ve seen online and on YouTube.
    – Be prepared to feel crappy when you first start. A keto-cold is normal. Google it.

  8. Skylar (verified owner)

    Good but needs proper preparation. I prefer something I can shake and go, this is 3 stars (3.5 if I could) for currently being inconvenient. Here is my previous review that this review will replace:

    “The vanilla one is disgusting to me. It was too overwhelming with weird sweet after-tastes. I had to end up diluting it in Schmilk to make it taste good. I probably should have tried a sample size first. Take my taste preference with a grain of salt because the wrong brand of bagel also makes me want to gag (Sara Lee I believe). Also being such a light product it is super poofy and hard to not make a mess with.”

    Turns out I found some more Keto in the fridge I forgot to finish and it actually tasted good – turns out chilling the Keto is *very* important for good taste – simply using cold water is not enough.

    I was communicating with Alex and he stated they are going to try and improve the taste by trying out different sources of potassium and that chilling could possibly become less mandatory? We’ll see, I love how committed they are. I’ve been very happy with their other products just decided to try this one too since it doesn’t take milk (cheap option that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and can serve as my protein drink).

  9. Ramon (verified owner)

    I have been consuming Super Body Fuel Keto for the last 5 months and it’s great. I have been switching back and forth between chocolate and cinnamon and like both. The flavor and sweetness is mild and that is exactly how I like it.

  10. Steven (verified owner)

    I got the vanilla flavor, it’s almost unbearably bad. Idk if I got a bad batch or something, but even with using heavy cream it tastes awful. This is coming from some one who has been drinking “Lents” for almost a year now. Schmilk is 100x better than Keto Fuel.

  11. Ryan (verified owner)

    I’ve been drinking Soylent for the past few months but after all of the issues they’ve had with quality control I decided to switch. So, I got the chocolate Keto Fuel and I have to say the first few drinks taste vile but it grows on you like cheap beer.

    On the plus side I feel full most of the day and it doesn’t clump as bad as Soylent.

  12. Brandon (verified owner)

    The chocolate is pretty great. The vanilla tastes even better, but it is ground too fine. Open the bag too fast and the resulting air current wafts the top layer of powder right out of the bag! That aside, both keep me satiated through the day. Highly recommend.

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