Milk Fuel Sampler


Try Schmilk. In two flavors.

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Milk Fuel Sampler has been discontinued.

Please buy a Milk Fuel Sample instead.

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  1. Elvis

    On the description of this product it doesn’t mention what it states on the product, which says:

    “Schmilk Sampler has the taste and calories of Schmilk, but not the vitamins and minerals”

    What?! Very deceitful and I am disappointed. Will never buy anything from you again.

    • axcho

      Hi Elvis, I’m really sorry to have caused you such outrage and disappointment, especially over such a basic mistake. :( It was never my intention to mislead anyone – as you’ll notice, the fact that the Schmilk Sampler does not include the vitamins and minerals was clearly stated in the blog announcement. I just wrote the description for the product carelessly, and forgot to emphasize that crucial piece of information that had such disastrous consequences for you.

      Understand that the idea of the sampler was to encourage people to buy Schmilk if they liked the sample, not to piss them off. :p It’s not actually profitable to just sell the sampler itself, so please believe me that this was not part of an evil scheme to sell a bunch of samplers to unsuspecting customers like yourself. No, I just made a dumb mistake.

      We’ve refunded you and updated the description to clarify the nutrient content (or lack thereof) of the Schmilk Sampler. Please look over it and let us know if you think it is sufficiently clear. We’ll also be emailing everyone else who has ordered a Schmilk Sampler already to let them know what’s going on, and to offer them a refund if they choose.

      Thanks, and let us know if there’s anything else we can do to make things better, now or in the future.

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