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Creamy and delicious. Just add milk!

$1.25 / meal x 20 meals

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Hey, we’re rebranding! :D Order the new Milk Fuel as Basically Food BOOST now!

Milk Fuel is a powder that you mix with milk to make a complete meal.

It has just the calories you want, from 1200 to 2000 calories a day depending on how much milk you add.

It has all the nutrients you need.

It tastes a lot like cereal milk.

It is gluten-free, dairy-freesoy-freenut-free, and vegan.
Feel free to mix it with non-dairy milk instead.

Buy one big pack of Milk Fuel for $50 to feed yourself for ten days.
Buy three big packs if you want enough food for an entire month.

Want it every month? Get a Milk Fuel Subscription.

Just want to try it out? Order a Milk Fuel Sample.

27 reviews for Milk Fuel

  1. Dan Thibodeau (verified owner)

    I am currently about half way through my first order of Cinnamon. The taste is very good, texture is decent immediately after blending and if waiting the recommended 2-3 hours it becomes like a milkshake! I have usually go for about 50% replacement and have found that 100% replacement on a modest calorie deficit (250 calories) leaves me somewhat hungry but not bad. Definitely the best tasting and most budget friendly complete food option out there and the owner clearly cares to make a great product! Going to try out chocolate next and update.

  2. alwu1 (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered twice now, both times Original flavor. Not sure how to describe the taste, but it’s good enough. As someone who does enjoy eating real (junk) food, I can’t say it is better than that, but I can say original flavor milk fuel is much better than any meal replacements, protein powders, clif bar, etc. For how healthy, convenient, and cheap it is, the taste is top notch.

    The mixing isn’t always perfect: sometimes there are hard nuggets of what looks like brown sugar, and occasionally there are these orange streaks that won’t fully mix with the liquid. Neither are a big deal though.

  3. Isabella Andrade (verified owner)

    I have been using Milk Fuel for three months now, and I think this has been great overall. The cinnamon flavor is great with whole milk, and the meal keeps me full for around six to eight hours. It’s great for me, since it’s quick to drink and lasts me until the end of my workday. It’s really easy to spike with protein powder and other supplements, too, if that’s what you’re looking for. I can add a scoop of whey or pea protein without changing the taste, which works just fine.

    I have two real gripes, though your mileage may vary on these things. First is that it’s a little difficult to blend into milk without getting gritty. I’ve found that adding the powder first before milk will reduce the grittiness in a blender. I wouldn’t advise using a shaker if you mind the texture. My second gripe is that it gives me gas after it’s been digested (~7-8 hours after ingestion). I believe this may be more due to the milk than due to the fuel, but the problem is that without real milk, a lot of the nutrition from the meal is lost. If you use alternative milks and don’t care about getting the full nutrition, you should be fine. If you use real milk, be wary of this possible side effect. For me, I don’t really mind it too much, so it’s not a dealbreaker.

  4. Computious (verified owner)

    I love the low prep, & leveraging the nutrition in milk is a cool idea. Ordered Cinnamon, Chocolate, & Strawberry. All good.

  5. Adam Grieger (verified owner)

    Chocolate Milk Fuel is the best meal replacement shake I’ve had. I used to have a Soylent subscription, but their recipe changes led it to being way too artificially sweet; cloyingly so. I have about three servings a day of Milk Fuel with a solid dinner at the end of the day and having the shakes during the day is a life saver for someone who has struggled keeping a consistent eating schedule.

    For my batch of three shakes, I use around 5 cups of 2% milk and three standard 57g servings of Milk Fuel. I blend it up with an immersion blender, pour it into mason jars, and then let them sit over night in the fridge. The resulting texture and taste the next day is so darn close to being a mildly sweet version of an actual milkshake. The chocolate brownie mix description by another reviewer is very accurate as well.

    Overall, Chocolate Milk Fuel is a solid 5 stars for me.

  6. Alex Noonan (verified owner)

    I changed to this brand from another brand that kept changing their formula (for the worse). This stuff is great! It tastes like chocolate brownie batter. I mix 1 scoop with 8oz of 80 calorie vanilla almond milk(Silk) and 8oz of filtered water. I leave it in the fridge for 2 hours before I drink it, it gets thick like a milkshake. Will be ordering again soon.

  7. Chad (verified owner)

    Looking for something easy to replace a meal, and I think Schmilk is the best option I’ve found. First I like that it’s high in fiber and especially oat fiber as I really try and boost my fiber intake. Second it tastes pretty good. I’ve only tried the cinnamon and chocolate so far though, but the chocolate is great. I was not a huge fan of the cinnamon but find the chocolate tasty enough that I like drinking it, and not just that I can force myself to drink it. It’s not a super sweet chocolate flavor, but is kind of a salted semi-sweet chocolate taste that I really enjoy.

    I mix it with a small personal blender like a ninja and that works out well. You can use a blender bottle in a pinch but I find the ninja does a better job in about 5 seconds. I mix it with fairlife 2% milk to reduce the sugar content and boost the protein a bit.

  8. Eric (verified owner)

    Tastes waaaaaaaay better than Soylent. I ordered the cinnamon flavored milk fuel. I mix about 2-3 meals worth in blender and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The end result tastes great with no grit! Unfortunately milk upsets my stomach. Going to try the non-milk version next time.

  9. Robert (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the chocolate Milk Fuel. The taste is great, best description I’ve seen is that it sort of tastes like dark chocolate cake batter, but not overly sweet. There is a bit of an “odd” taste that I’ve experienced in both this product and Super Fuel(though
    seems stronger in Super Fuel) it’s not bad, but I just can’t describe it and I’m not sure what is causing the flavor. It might be the monk fruit they use. I’ve both used an immersion blender and the add milk, shake, add milk, shake method and both work well if I don’t feel like getting the blender dirty. It’s okay to drink right away, but letting it sit for two hours helps the flavor and texture really shine. Leaving it overnight also works well, I’ll often prep two meals at night to have ready for the next day.

    I did also try the pumpkin spice when it was available and it was quite good, though I don’t know if it is a flavor I’d want all the time.

    The big bags are kind of hard to close as they’re packed really full, but I found a $20 RubberMaid Brilliance 16 cup container for flower fits the back perfectly, and it air tight as well. That’s an easy enough fix for me, as I already had one laying around my house not being used. Reduction of packaging waste (even if recyclable) is a good cause.

  10. Garet (verified owner)

    After a few hours of online research, this was the cheapest meal replacement that I could find that ships to my country (Canada), even factoring in the cost (time and money) of buying the milk. It arrived sooner than I expected, and tastes great! It has flavour and sweetness that are enough to make it a pleasure to drink without needing any additives, but they are never overwhelming. I haven’t heard of monkfruit extract before, but it is amazing how it sweetens it naturally while still leaving the powder at 0g of sugar per meal. If you want it to have a smooth (not lumpy) consistency, you really have to have some kind of proper blender, but I personally don’t care about this and just mix it with a fork.
    I found the comparison table on page below really helpful in comparing the costs of “complete food” drinks, even though some of the data is outdated.

  11. Jeff (verified owner)

    I am now on my third month is using Schmilk daily for breakfast. I add two eggs to boost the protein and it has provided the replacement meal consistency I am looking for. Too many times my breakfast is inconsistent and I ‘bonk’ out or have mood issues. Schmilk solves that.
    I know people are worried about salmonella from the eggs but I have done research and high quality eggs are fine. No issues in the last three months.
    I would like some variety (different flavors – I only have tried the chocolate) but my body likes routine and, for now, chocolate is fine.
    I also have used soy milk, almond milk, and regular milk. Settled on regular 1% milk since it is always in the house.
    I have lost some weight and generally feel healthier. Getting my blood work done to make sure my cholesterol or other markers have not been impacted.
    Schmilk is a quality product that works better than protein powders or other meal replacement options.

  12. Kerry (verified owner)

    This might be a lot of text, but I researched a LOT about meal replacements before deciding to purchase my Schmilk. I bought 2 bags, one small cinnamon and one small chocolate. The reviews I read said that cinnamon was the BEST and I was excited to try it. Turns out I am not a cinnamon gal, as it is a pretty strong cinnamon flavor. I wish I could figure out something to add to it, but not much goes well with cinnamon… I will try to push through and finish the bag, but the chocolate is far superior in my opinion.

    I always blend it in a blender and my standard blender will hold about 4 meals worth. 4 meals will split evenly into 2 large tervis tumblers or stainless steel tumblers, which is so awesome because I just throw the lids on them and grab one out of the fridge when I leave for work in the morning.
    I have done some experiments with the non-dairy base that I use. I started with almond milk for the first two meals, but the consistency was so slimy. It was rough. Then I switched to soy milk. It is much better. I usually make two days worth of breakfast and lunch at a time (4 meals) and I was using 5 cups of soy milk. Almost the 1 cup recipe, but I found it was a little too thick, so now it is a 1.25 cup recipe. For my latest meals, I have been trying a lactose-free milk (walmart great value brand) and the consistency after blending and letting it sit overnight is really nice. So my recipe for 4 meals this time was: 4 scoops chocolate schmilk, 3 cups lactose free milk, 2 cups chocolate soy milk (silk). The chocolate flavored soy milk isn’t really necessary (more sugar), but the extra chocolatey-ness is nice and it doesn’t change the calorie count very much. I sometimes add two teaspoons of chocolate PB2 to this 4 meal recipe and it is so good! I may try frozen strawberries or bananas next.

    After drinking my breakfast portion around 8, I am usually hungry again around 12. This may be TMI, but my gassiness definitely increases after drinking two meals of schmilk in a day. No stomach discomfort and it doesn’t last into the evening or anything, but it happens.

    Overall I really like the chocolate schmilk and I will order more. I would like to try the original eventually, but I don’t think I will order an entire bag like my cinnamon mistake. Good product that helps me streamline my food intake on work days!

  13. Sabrina (verified owner)

    I wanted to like this stuff. I really really did. It’s got better ingredients in it than Soylent, but I CANNOT get over the nasty flavor of whatever artificial sweetener you use.

    I’ve tried making it several times, and my first reaction is always positive, but that gross, fake aftertaste lingers. So much so, that I can’t usually get more than a few sips in before I abandon it altogether.

    I currently have a mostly-full cup sitting next to me that I keep telling myself I’m going to drink… eventually.

    I have a sample pack of the unsweetened, so we’ll see how that goes, but I’m really regretting buying the full size of the original. I just wish I had known you use fake sugar in these things.

    • axcho

      Hi Sabrina, I’m really sorry about your unpleasant experience with Schmilk! We actually don’t use any artificial sweeteners in our recipes – we started off using stevia extract, but a lot of people don’t like the aftertaste, so we switched to monkfruit, which for most people has a much milder taste (and a ton of antioxidants!). Unfortunately, it sounds like you’re one of the people who are extra sensitive to that taste! :o That’s why we offer the unsweetened version as well. Please let us know how that one compares, and don’t hesitate to email us if you’d like a replacement for the original bag. ;)

  14. Kevin (verified owner)

    Alright, this is my 3-4 month review.

    Obviously I like this stuff enough to keep drinking it. Every. Single. Day. That’s an over exaggeration, but every day I work, this goes in my belly.

    And that’s the biggest reason I bought this stuff. I wanted something easy to prepare that wouldn’t cost a lot. Sure, there are tons of restaurants I can eat at around me, but even the cheapest [McDonalds] would end up costing about $5-7 a day. And better yet, this is healthy! I drink about one and a half “meals” because my job is pretty active and I need the calories, but that still means including milk, it’s only $2.60 a day!!

    The flavor [and texture] is never going to “wow” you. It doesn’t taste bad though. I blend mine. Never tried the shaker bottles, but others said they don’t work well so I blend away! It definitely tastes better and has a better texture if it’s sat in the fridge for about 4 hours. I haven’t really noticed much difference between 4 hours and a full day, but you need that 4 hours!

    Well, do I feel full? Yeah! It tends to be consumed faster than an equal amount of calories through solid food, so your belly gets full quicker. After an hour or two, I could eat again, but I never feel starved.

    It does its job and it does it pretty well. I don’t have other nutritionally complete meals to compare it to, but I’m entirely satisfied. It probably won’t ever replace all my food, and I wouldn’t really want it to. But it’s more than good enough to replace a single meal in my daily grind.

    Thanks for the shake guys,

  15. Kelly (verified owner)

    I had a friend try this and recommend it to me. I started on the subscription the next day. I add 2% milk to it and this creamy drink tastes like blended cereal milk. It’s exactly what I need in the morning. I replaced only my breakfast, for the convenience. And it helps me start the day off nutritionally without feeling (or tasting) like I’m making a significant dietary change. I never thought I’d be the kind of person to get into meal replacement, but I can’t see myself switching back any time soon. Thanks Axcho!

  16. A Ellison (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch. My schedule is extremely busy and makes it hard to make healthy meals. So I was looking at something that has the nutrients that I was most likely missing.

    I tried the chocolate Schmilk. If you blend it, it tastes really good. Also you should try to eat it a little faster. If the powder sinks to the bottom, it becomes gross. It seems to curb my appetite in the morning better then in the afternoon. I’m usually ravenous when I get home from work.

    I like how you can easily count calories with this meal replacement.

  17. Skylar (verified owner)

    I originally found this on for being one of the cheapest soylent alternatives there are, and I love it! I have heard this is not a common problem but when I tried mixing this with soy milk it got extremely frothy once shaken and was disgusting to try and drink – I highly recommend almond milk if you want a non-dairy mix. But if you prefer soy milk I’d recommend diluting it with water and mix the Schmilk with the water first (to avoid making froth). Also there’s lots of ways to conveniently enjoy Schmilk- smoothies and mixing it with oatmeal is great too! Chocolate and original are my favorite flavors.

  18. Arin (verified owner)

    It’s cheap, and actually pretty tasty. I find the milk after-taste a little annoying, though, so if you’re like me, just pack mints (but, Light Fuel, and Soylent have their own lingering after-taste, too). This is based just on the Original flavor.

    It separates if it sits for a few hours (worse if it’s overnight), but this is nothing a vigorous shake won’t fix.

  19. Zachary (verified owner)

    I ordered the chocolate for my first batch, and anticipate trying more of the other flavors in the future. In terms of flavor, it wasn’t quite the “milkshake” some people talked it up to be. After trying it with whole milk, soy milk, and even an actual milkshake, I would describe it as an off-tasting hot chocolate mix, where there is too much cocoa and not enough sweetener. It doesn’t taste amazing, but it is definitely growing on me.

  20. Cedric (verified owner)

    Pour la France : paquet reçu sans problème et sans frais de douane. J’ai pris les 3 saveurs : chocolat, vanille (original) et cannelle (cinnamon). Ce produit est passé rapidement au Journal TV du 20h sur France 2 dans un reportage traitant des nourritures du futur aux U.S.A. : dans certaine startup ils ne mangeaient que sa le midi pour ne pas avoir à aller au resto ou se préparer à manger. Du coup, je teste. Je pense que c’est meilleur que les sandwich sodebo ou autre nouille en boîte et plat micro-ondable qui n’ont pas un apport énergétique aussi équilibré. Et en plus c’est moins cher ! Je commence à en prendre à partir du 10/02/2016 essentiellement pour remplacer le repas du midi. Je laisserai donc un prochain avis.

    In English: package received without any problem and without customs duties. I ordered 3 flavors: chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon. This product was briefly mentioned on France 2 TV in a report dealing with future foods in the US. So I tested it out. I think it is better than a sandwich or instant noodles, which don’t have balanced nutrition. Plus it’s cheaper! I will start using it on February 10, 2016 to essentially replace lunch. I will leave another review with my opinion afterward.

    Thank you to Alex (axcho) who gave me the information I needed.

  21. Richard (verified owner)

    I got the chocolate Schmilk. It’s fine. It’s appetizing. It’s not incredible, but it’s pretty good, especially freshly blended.

    I am not purchasing Schmilk or other powdered food products in order to lose weight or meet specific dietary requirements. I’m interested in it as a nutritionally complete convenience food.

    Let me emphasize that you absolutely need to blend this stuff. It will not dissolve, and shaking is not enough. Stirring is not enough. You need to blend it. Otherwise, it WILL form gross, unappetizing clumps.

    For a while, because of that, I was prepared to write it off as a failed experiment, but after I started blending it, my experience was so positive that I’ve decided to order more, and to keep experimenting with Super Body Fuel’s products.

  22. Nicholas (verified owner)

    I have been drinking chocolate Schmilk on and off for several months now and feel it’s time to share my opinion.

    Firstly I think the first two things someone new may want to know are, does it taste good? Does it work?

    The taste is great. I use 1% milk for mine. Reminds me of a good tasting protein shake. Texture is smooth even in my blender bottle. But it did take me a couple days to get used to it. After a week I actually ENJOY the taste.

    Now does it work? I went two weeks on nothing at all but pure Schmilk. I had zero side effects. Lots of energy, focus was normal, no jitters or anything like that. Just wasn’t hungry, it did its job just fine of replacing food.

    I however did not lose any weight. I could be mistaken however Schmilk I do not think is designed for weight loss like Light Fuel and Keto is. It’s simply designed to replace food which it did wonderfully.

    If you’re like me and kinda get sick of cooking, counting calories, shopping at the store, always wondering what to make, this stuff works perfectly. Five minutes a day in the kitchen makes me 2 snacks in the morning, lunch, and dinner. Honestly the price is cheaper than the grocery store too.

    I have recommended it to people and recommend it to anyone reading this as well.

  23. Jessica (verified owner)

    I wanted to try some other varieties of soylent and DIY and had been reading good things about Schmilk so I just gave it a go with Schmilk Chocolate. I decided to use the 1/4 gallon mix instead of 1/2 gallon because 1500 calories was perfect for me, also I’m lactose intolerant so my milk is pricier than normal milk.

    It was very delicious. With the 1/4 gallon milk (and I am not currently adding water) it is a almost dark-chocolate malty taste, but without any aftertaste. I suspect the full 1/2 gallon would make it much creamier and more milk chocolatey. Also a bit of sweetener (artificial or otherwise) and a bit of cinnamon seems like would make it a nice special occasional chocolate. I have only ever tried the original Soylent, vanilla Schmoylent, and 1.4. I would rank this slightly behind vanilla Schmoylent as a favorite, but way above 1.4 which I could not stand the taste of. Vanilla Schmoylent remains my favorite with its oaty and thicker flavor. This is more like drinking a milkshake but I still really like it and think I will keep drinking in my regimen.

    As others have noted, it does not blend as well from shaking alone as say Schmoylent does. However, after very little time in a blender it is smooth and well mixed. If you are on the fence, I say try it. I also think this would be a really easy way to get used to a soylent/Schmoylent type diet as it really tastes like drinking a chocolate shake for lunch. I was worried about not being as full because this was smoother and not as thick as Schmoylent, but I find it satisfies my hunger just as well. I am also ready to drink more later at a second meal, where sometimes I am not in the mood for the taste of a second vanilla Schmoylent.

  24. Shana (verified owner)

    I’m a busy vegetarian with multiple food sensitivities, and Schmilk is AMAZING for me.

    I tried Soylent 1.5 powder, and could not bear the taste and texture. I’ve heard the 2.0 liquid was better, but I can’t tolerate soy very well, so didn’t want to try.
    I read about Schmilk on reddit’s soylent page, heard that it tasted better and decided to give it a shot.
    I ordered some original and it was delicious. I was thrilled!

    I immediately ordered more in every flavor.
    My only issue from the start was that it didn’t blend very well from just shaking in a shaker ball-type blender. I fixed this easily with a $7 blender from Goodwill.

    My nightly routine now involves mixing up 2 nalgenes worth of Schmilk (which lasts between 1-3 days, depending on how much “regular” food I eat) and takes about 5 minutes.
    I like to alternate between all flavors, so I don’t get sick of one. Honestly, they all taste great though. I didn’t like Chocolate as much at first, but it has grown on me. Cinnamon is probably still my favorite.

    I lightly sip some Schmilk in the mornings, then usually have a full meal of it for either breakfast or dinner (sometimes both). I’ve always preferred smaller meals and snacks over large ones, and Schmilk accommodates that perfectly.
    I find that I feel more consistently energized and full throughout the day while drinking Schmilk. Previously, my diet tended to be very carb-heavy, I think Schmilk keeps my blood sugar levels more consistent so that I don’t end up craving unhealthy snacks.

    I haven’t lost or gained weight on Schmilk, (which was the goal!) but I love that I have more control over my portion sizes and caloric intake.

    My only desire is that Schmilk come in more flavors! I know I could add my own flavorings but I love the simplicity of 2 ingredients, powder + milk.

    TL;DR: Schmilk is delicious and makes you feel great, you’ll love it!

  25. Mark (verified owner)

    I got my order on Friday, had to wait until today for a pitcher to arrive (all mine were old, and too small). So today’s my first time trying Schmilk. I honestly thought it would taste bad, it doesn’t, even right out of the blender it tasted great. (My cat thinks so too, I had trouble prying her head out of my glass … is Schmilk cat safe?)

    I typically would just grab some fast food on the way home, or go out to dinner with friends every night. That gets expensive, and I end up not being a small man. Schmilk is going to let me come home, have a meal, and relax without having to spend money, or opt for the drive through. For me it’s going to be a 1 maybe 2 meal a day replacement, that I can adjust for how much I eat at lunch. This way I know I’m getting better nutrition, hopefully losing weight, and saving money. Thanks for putting together such an awesome product!

  26. Stephen (verified owner)


    Before I review this product let me give you some personal history first.

    I’ve been a morbidly obese person my entire life and only within the last few years tried to do something about it. The most successful diet I’ve been on (in terms of pounds lost) has been Medifast. I went from 340lbs to 250lbs in the span of four months.

    I eventually gave up because:
    1) Cost – over $350 per month; and the company kept increasing prices even when they were raking in millions in profit per year.
    2) I started developing cavities which I hadn’t before.
    3) Felt like a zombie all the time – my arms and hands were always ice cold. This is likely due to consuming less than 900 calories per day.

    After four months I tried doing three popular diets:

    1.) Paleo / Low Carb didn’t work for me because I always felt like I didn’t have any energy. Constipation was never an issue – but even after three to four weeks when I should have easily been in ketosis I still didn’t have any energy. Also it was extremely expensive. On the plus side I was never hungry.

    2.) Vegan. A bit better. More energy! Lots more! I felt good on it but never flipped that invisible “satiety switch” that I got when eating meat. As a consequence I always overate – to the point of never losing. Doing it the “McDougall Starch Solution” way I was always light headed and dizzy after eating Potatoes/Rice/starches. I’ve had a complete blood workup and diabetes was never an issue.

    3.) Calorie restriction w/ Boxing. Man did this suck. The weight comes off but very, very slowly. Also, the harder I worked out the more I overate. At the end of the day I decided I’m a coder not a fighter.

    So one day after becoming completely depressed for whatever reason I thought back to a scene in the movie “The Matrix” where the crew is sitting down for a meal and consuming a nutritionally complete slurry. I thought to myself hey it’s 2015 – why don’t we have this? I believe that was also the missing link in conjunction with the diet. Medifast let me enjoy prepackaged meals with very light cooking.

    So I started looking around on the Internet for something similar and found Soylent – and other similar companies putting out their own version.

    I didn’t try Soylent because:
    1.) At the time it was almost impossible to get a hold of. I believe this situation has changed in recent times.

    2.) Even if I could buy it, it’s still pretty expensive.

    3.) The company itself gives me the impression that they are experimenting with peoples health. It seems like every month they come out with yet another revision which by version 2.0 tells me they have no clue what they’re doing. Speaking of, check out the photos on reddit of folks getting mold in their liquid bottles.

    So… I purchased some Schmilk!

    Thoughts on flavors:

    Chocolate – Very, very tasty. After learning how much better blended Schmilk is this has moved to #1 in my favorites.

    Cinnamon – Cinnamon Oat crunch milk? Yes please.

    Original – Think Oatmilk but thicker.

    I ordered 2x Chocolate, 2x Cinnamon, 2x Original and will keep this order the same going forward.

    I’ve only been on the Schmilk diet for a week now using the new flavors but can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. I plan to continue using it with the exception of Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Christmas, new years, and then in 2016 I’m going to see how far I can go as my sole source of nutrition.

    Satiety so far has been really good. YES, I still want some food from time to time but it’s mostly mental not physical.

    By the way pro tip: BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. It makes a world of difference! Don’t just shake / stir it. You don’t even need a $500 Vitamix! I have some crappy $15 unit from GoodWill and it makes the result taste like a completely different product.

    Improvements? I’d definitely like to see this move to 100% Vegan in 2016. I’m currently using unsweetened organic soymilk so it’s 99% Vegan. And if I wasn’t consuming this I’d be back to eating steaks, chicken, and sausages so I’d consider this a dramatic improvement.

    I’m thinking of maybe doing a Youtube channel on my weight loss results using Schmilk but not entirely sure yet.

    Anyway, buy this stuff. It tastes great, the pounds are coming off, and I’m running out of things to say.

  27. John (verified owner)

    I’ve consumed 7 5-day packs of Schmilk since I first ordered it. Schmilk tastes great, mixes easy, and is a very satisfying meal. I read on this site that Schmilk tastes like ‘cereal milk’ and it’s true…that’s close; it tastes more like if you poured a bowl of cereal, added milk, then blended that down to drinkable form. To me that’s it exactly. I drink Schmilk at home and I blend it and take it to work.

    There are suggestions to let the Schmilk sit in the fridge over night to improve it, but I find it’s fantastic immediately after blending, or at most after 4 hours in the fridge. That’s when it’s the best to me. I do recommend a hand blender though, making a serving at a time.

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