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Low carb for optimal health.

$5.00 / meal x 1 meal

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Super Fuel (formerly known as Light Fuel and Schmoylent) is a powder that you mix with oil and water to make a complete meal.

It has just the calories you want, from 1200 to 2500 calories a day depending on how much oil you add.

It has all the nutrients you need, with fewer carbs, for sustained energy and optimal health.

It tastes a bit like cake batter.

It is gluten-free, dairy-freesoy-freenut-free, and vegan.

Buy one sample of Super Fuel for $5 to try one meal.
Get your first samples for $3 each, with coupon code SCHMELCOME!

Want it every month? Get a Super Fuel Subscription.

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1 review for Super Fuel Sample

  1. Christine (verified owner)

    I tried out my Super Fuel Sample in place of lunch. This was my first time having to mix a powder, so I measured half of the sample into a NutriBullet. I used exactly half of the water recommended, and a half-tablespoon of olive oil (I used half mostly to save the rest for a second try).

    The mix blended well and was really smooth.
    When drinking it, it had the taste and consistency of a runny cake batter. It wasn’t “gritty,” by any means, but there was a fine texture to it. The texture and thickness was pretty much what I expected. The next time I make it, I’ll try leaving the mix in the fridge before drinking, as suggested.

    The taste was also pretty good. It wasn’t overly-sweet, but it also wasn’t bland. There was a distinct chocolate flavor, but not like cocoa or chocolate milk. It was more like chocolate cake or cookie batter. It tasted like baker’s cocoa, as opposed to chocolate drink mixes, etc. It was really good, definitely the tastiest meal replacement drink I’ve had!

    As far as how I feel, the half serving satiated me, to the point that I’m not even hungry at dinner time. It didn’t upset my stomach at all (granted, I’ve been drinking other meal replacement mixes for 2 weeks prior), no adverse feelings. I feel great!

    I will definitely buy this in the future. I really appreciate that there’s no artifical sweeteners in Light Fuel, as well. There was no strange after-taste. All-in-all, I really liked it!

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