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January 2019 Update

Hi everyone,

Happy (belated) New Year! ;p

We wanted to have something exciting to share with you for January, so we planned to release a new coffee flavor (yay!) on New Year’s Day, which would have been great timing. But the shipment of coffee powder we ordered was delayed by a few weeks, so, well… we’re releasing it halfway through the month, right now, yay! :D Coffee!

  • Caffeinated coffee flavor: now available!
  • Pumpkin spice flavor: still selling, until it’s gone.
  • January sale! 10% off for the rest of the month: WAKEUPAND
  • Athlete Fuel: increasing calories from 2500 to 2600.

Word on the street (well, among the Super Body Fuel team) is that coffee is quite possibly the best flavor yet, even for non-coffee-drinkers like myself. And that’s not counting America’s favorite nootropic, caffeine – one meal of our coffee flavor being the equivalent of about one cup of coffee* (around 100mg). So even if you like the taste, you probably don’t want to have this one for dinner. ;) But if you like coffee in the morning, you might want to give this a try!

Oh, and this is another limited run flavor, like pumpkin spice (did you know we had that?), so again we’ve made one batch of each (Milk FuelSuper FuelKeto FuelAthlete Fuel) and we’ll keep making it for at least the end of this month. As far as pumpkin spice, we’ve stopped making new batches, but we’ll keep selling it until it’s out of stock. If you have a problem with that, don’t be shy – let us know. ;)

And yes, we’re doing a January sale this year too. :) Get 10% off everything for the rest of this month with coupon code WAKEUPAND. You know, as in, “Wake up and crush your goals for 2019!” or however the saying goes. Well, whether you’re trying to get woke, or get swole, or just savor each moment (become whole?), we hope we can help make that just a little bit better for you. Best wishes for the new year from all of us at Super Body Fuel. :)

Also, you may have already heard this from us, but Athlete Fuel is getting an adjustment – we’ll be increasing the number of calories slightly, so that the default recipe gives you 2600 calories a day instead of 2500. This should make things a little bit easier and more cost-effective for those you trying to bulk, but most importantly, it makes the meal calories a nice, even 650, so I don’t have to keep being annoyed by the way we have to round 625 to 630 in the Nutrition Facts (thanks, FDA). Perfect! :D

At the same time, we’ll be bringing the Athlete Fuel sodium and potassium amounts to 100% DV as well, down slightly from the rather arbitrary levels they were at before. Thanks again to everyone who weighed in on these changes! Keep on eye out for them over the next month or so. ;)

Happy New Year, you all!

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

* We’re using actual coffee, the instant dissolvable kind, so caffeine content may vary.

2 thoughts on “January 2019 Update

  1. I’m not a coffee or pumpkin spice fan but I’m of the opinion that more flavors is better so keep it coming. I’d love to see something fruity like strawberry!

  2. Pumpkin spice is your best flavor. Pleaaaseee dont stop making it. I want to buy some more bags, but ps is what I would prefer to get, so I’m holding off

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