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The Red Carpet

Some famous people stopped by the Super Body Fuel factory the other day.

Tim Schafer finds himself in a strange new environment…

We’ve had a few customers stop by the factory before, just to check out our operation and say hi. It’s always fun to meet people in-person and show off what we’ve been working so hard to create.

But this is the first time we’ve had actual famous people in our factory.

Pendleton Ward is the much-beloved creator of the cartoon show Adventure Time, now in its seventh season. Back in June, he actually sent me a nice fan email after being inspired by one of my old games, The Love Letter. And in the process of trying to find my email address, he discovered Schmoylent.

As it happenened, he was visiting San Francisco for this indie game event called Day of the Devs, and wanted to buy some Schmoylent while he was here. So I invited him to a tour of the Super Body Fuel factory.

Pendleton Ward sings “Don’t worry, be Schmoylent”.

He brought some friends.

Specifically, Tim Schafer, head of game company Double Fine Productions, and Erik Wolpaw, best known as the writer for the hit game Portal.

Turns out that Tim Schafer has lost a lot of weight by juicing in the past, so he asked me if I had a “fat guy” version. In fact, I did, I told him – it’s called Keto Fuel! Very popular for weight-loss, as it puts your body into a fat-burning metabolic mode called ketosis. He accepted a sample – chocolate, my recommendation – and a Schmoylent too, just for good measure.

Erik Wolpaw was not so fond of liquid diets, but revealed that he did in fact drink protein shakes as a post-workout meal at the gym. When I showed him the Nutrition Facts for Athlete Fuel, he expressed a grudging acceptance of the protein content (about 60g per meal), and I gave him a sample to try at home.

For Pendleton Ward, I just gave him as many different samples as I could find, so he could try all of them and see what he liked best.

Cheers from Super Body Fuel, with Erik Wolpaw and Pendleton Ward.

So if you ever find yourself in San Francisco, please stop by the Super Body Fuel factory and say hi! Let us know ahead of time and we’ll make sure to have some free samples for you too. ;)

Hope to see you soon. :)

2 thoughts on “The Red Carpet

  1. That is so fun. I hope you get more people stopping by with all these conventions in San Francisco!

    1. Thanks Connie, I hope so too! :)

      Did you ever find a soy-free recipe that works for you?

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