Super Micros

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Optimal micronutrient mix.

$0.25 / serving x 200 servings



Hey, we’re rebranding! :D Order the new Super Micros as Basically Vitamins now!

Super Micros is a powder with the optimal chemical forms and amounts of each vitamin and mineral.

It can be combined with calories, proteinfiber, and electrolytes to make a complete meal.

It is gluten-free, dairy-freesoy-freenut-free, and vegan.

1 review for Super Micros

  1. Sergey (verified owner)

    This is the optimal micronutrient mix you’ve been looking for! I should stop writing right here and you should buy yourself a 6-month supply :-))))))

    DIY meal replacements are a mess, getting all the micronutrients right, but Super Micros makes life simple. Work out your desired macronutrient ratio and add 4g/day of this stuff (and Super Electrolytes) for EASY DIY! It blows my mind that you can’t buy a multivitamin mix on Amazon with everything in it, but its true! Super Micros and Super Electrolytes are the only products out there that have all the essential vitamins and minerals in quantities that meet daily recommended intake values.

    I’ve based my own “keto soylent” on Super Micros and Super Electrolytes, and have been eating it for all my meals for about a month now. The convenience and results are amazing, but most importantly, there are no micronutrient deficiencies. The blood work is excellent! Make sure to get Super Electrolytes as well! You need lots of electrolytes for a ketogenic diet and Super Electrolytes have definitely helped me avoid the dreaded “keto flu”.

    Finally, a shout-out to the proprietor, axcho! Thanks for offering this great product, and thanks for being there to answer questions from amateur nutritionists. The support is top-notch! I’ll be buying this stuff again and again, and will recommend it to everyone I know :-D

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