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Back in Action

We’ve finally cleared out our backlog.

Super Body Fuel in stock and on the shelf.

This means no more long wait times. If you place an order now, we’ll ship it out the next day if it’s in stock. Otherwise, we’ll make it over the next few days and ship it out to you once it’s ready, within two weeks at the very latest. Accordingly, we’ve updated the website to show which products are in stock and which are not, so you’ll know what to expect as far as shipping times. Yay! :)

Over the course of this month, we’ll be building up our inventory until we have a couple batches of each variation in stock at all times. At that point, every new order will ship next-day, unless a ton of people order the same thing at once!

In other news, you may have noticed that the product labels – complete with instructions and Nutrition Facts – are now visible on each product page below the main product image. We’ll be updating the product pages with more detailed nutrition information later, but we hope these labels will help answer some of your questions in the meantime. If not, just send us an email. ;)

So, we’re still making very small batches, and that’s slow. But we’ve finally made it through our backlog, and now we can begin to take advantage of the one benefit that comes with small batches…

That is, variety. Flavors. Popular flavors, experimental flavors, rotating flavors, limited edition flavors, seasonal flavors… All kinds of flavors.

We’re looking forward to ramping that up. Coming soon.

8 thoughts on “Back in Action

  1. Before I get to the flavors let me just say that the blog photos as well as the packaging made my nervous significant other much more comfortable with me continuing to be a customer. Unfortunately she grew up in a town where the infamous ‘razer blades in Halloween candy’ took place. So she wasn’t too happy with me purchasing bags of powder from an anonymous person on the web.

    That being said, my original opinions of the flavors hold true here as well (compared to CustomBodyFuel) with one exception.

    In this order are my favorites: 1) Cinnamon, 2) Original, 3) Chocolate.

    The big difference this time around is I don’t want to snort the Cinnamon powder before it’s even out of the bag (or shipping box!) It doesn’t have that same pull as it once had. I think you switched over to something ‘healthier’ and well… it shows. It’s still my #1 favorite flavor. It just lacks that “shut up and get in my soymilk!” allure as before. Maybe do a 50/50 blend?

    Original is great. Chocolate will never meet my expectations because I like my chocolate milk to be 50% syrup/50% milk. :) But in this context, it’s fine. In fact, I burned out badly on Chocolate smoothies while on Medifast to where the milder taste is appreciated.

    I have to reiterate what was said in the instructions: USE THE BLENDER. It transforms the recipe! In fact, I consider it a necessary process now.

    The first three days I tried each flavor in 64oz of unsweetened Soy Milk (1400 cals), I’m going to down grade that tomorrow to 32oz 1,130cals (revised from 1,150cals.) Because it is so filling I am going to experiment with intermittent fasting and consume that 32oz in the evening. I want to see if I can recreate the epic weight loss experience I had while on Medifast.

    Regarding potential future Schmilk flavors – here are my votes =)

    Pumpkin Pie, Egg Nog, Ginger Snaps, Keylime, maybe some sort of egg custard.

    Also I don’t know if you can do add-on’s/etc to turn Schmilk into either Pudding or Ice Cream. I thought about doing Schmilk pops (freezing Schmilk onto a stick) but not sure if it would damage/neutralize nutrients.

    1. Glad your significant other feels better with the new packaging and all the behind-the-scenes photos!

      As far as the cinnamon, yeah, we switched from Saigon to Ceylon cinnamon (less coumarin). Well, also our flavor supplier doesn’t carry Saigon cinnamon either, but that’s beside the point. ;) Saigon cinnamon is pretty darn good though!

      The blender definitely helps – I’ve been hearing that a lot from people.

      I like those flavor ideas! Especially appropriate for the season. ;)

      I think Schmilk pops would be great – from what I’ve read, I don’t think freezing damages any vitamins.

      Would you be up for leaving a review on the Schmilk product page here on Super Body Fuel? You’ve got a lot of good info to share! :)

      1. Sure, I can leave a review; I just need a few more days. I’m retrying the flavors now in the blender and because it’s such a drastic night and day difference I may even shuffle the order of my favorites around.

        Chocolate may be bumped up to #2 (!?)

        1. Oh cool! I’m looking forward to hearing your results after a few days. :)

  2. What’s the difference between the 1,500 cal and 2,000 cal versions? Do you still ship out the exact same product and just specify different quantities of milk?

    I’ve tried the new original and chocolate flavors. Will be trying cinnamon tomorrow and give an update. =)

    1. Yep, it’s the exact same product either way, just with different amounts of milk. We’re still trying to figure out how best to communicate that on the website.

      Looking forward to your update on all the flavors! :)

  3. Order placed! \o/

    1. Yay! :D

      And… Shipped! ;)

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