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May 2020 Update

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all hanging in there okay! We’re still here, we’re all healthy (thankfully!) and we have just caught up with our pandemic backlog.

To those of you out in the world, working in essential businesses, thank you. To those of you stuck at home – or away from home – I feel you. If you’re looking for inspiration in the midst of quarantine right now, I highly recommend this little video: Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship You. I hope you find it as helpful a reminder as I have!

Staying healthy, physically and mentally, can be a lot harder than you might expect when you’re stuck in a (metaphorical) spaceship apart from the usual structures of society. If you can take this as an opportunity to come back better than you left, awesome. But no pressure – do what you can. That’s what I’m trying to do.

Anyway, we’ve got a lot of updates:

  • Super Micros: out of stock for a few weeks!
  • NATURELO: temporary placeholder vitamins.
  • 10% DHA: more stable and less smelly.
  • Actualize: free samples for your review!

And a few recipe tweaks coming soon:

  • Sodium Citrate added: to reduce saltiness.
  • Inositol halved: to prevent digestive issues.
  • Strawberry: now with 20% more flavor!

So, the main thing is that we ran out of our custom vitamin mix (oops), and we’re using a different vitamin as a placeholder until we get our resupply shipment. I’m really sorry about this – we had a miscalculation and I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the amount of actual product on our warehouse shelves… :/ So I found a multivitamin, from NATURELO, with similarly high-quality ingredients (methylated B vitamins, chelated minerals, and all that) that’s also vegan, and we’ve started using that in the meantime.

You might not notice a difference, but that’s what’s going on. And as a result, we’re unfortunately out of Super Micros and unable to resume shipping them until we get our resupply. :( My apologies.

We should be back to normal, vitamin-wise, in a few weeks.

In a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion to the seaweed-smell saga, we’ve switched to another algae-based DHA powder with a lower concentration of oil (10% instead of 18%) relative to the carrier powder, that should be more stable and less likely to smell. We’re still targeting the same amount of oil, over 500mg vegan long-chain omega-3 fats per day, including 400mg DHA. Hope you like it! :)

Here’s a new thing. We’re getting ready to launch our dairy-based ketogenic “just add water” partner product, Actualize:

If you would like a free sample of Actualize included in your next Super Body Fuel order, we are doing a giveaway – free samples in exchange for you posting an honest review on reddit (r/soylent or any relevant subreddit that you frequent)! :D

If you’re interested, just send us an email with the flavor you want (vanilla or chocolate, or both) and which subreddit you plan to post your review. If there’s another place outside of reddit where you’d rather post a review, just let us know! :)

And if you’ve already tried your sample, consider this a friendly reminder to please post your review on reddit when you get a chance. ;p

Oh, in case you’re wondering, we are still working on a rebrand for Super Body Fuel – it’s just been delayed a few months by all the interesting times this year. :d Stay tuned.

Coming soon are a couple minor recipe adjustments. First of all, based on updated nutrition data on our latest rice protein, we’ve increased the amount of salt to compensate for lower sodium levels than before, but that’s… made things a little too salty. So we’ll be substituting a bit of Sodium Citrate for some of that extra salt, which is a less-salty sodium source. Also, it’s supposed to be absorbed more readily than your usual Sodium Chloride and it maybe even helps reduce the perception of bitterness a bit, which is neat.

And at this point we’ve had a few people report digestive issues with the DHA and Myo-Inositol update this year, and just in case that’s due to the Inositol, we’ll be reducing the amount from 2g to 1g per day. A typical diet naturally includes 1-2g of Inositol anyway (less on a low-carb diet) but this may help those of you who don’t tolerate it as well. Let us know what you think.

Ooh, also, based on feedback that our strawberry flavor isn’t strong enoughwe’re bumping up the amount of freeze-dried strawberry powder by 20%! It looks like this may actually cause us to lose money on Milk Fuel, oops, so let us know what you think. :o I wish I were exaggerating, but there will be literally $15 worth of strawberries in each Milk Fuel Strawberry bag with this change – and that’s the wholesale price. Worth it or not? :p

At the same time, I suspect that the alkaline Potassium Bicarbonate in the mix is reacting with the acidic strawberries to mute the flavor and reduce the bright pink color as it dissolves, which is definitely not awesome. So we’ll also be experimenting with using only Dipotassium Phosphate instead, just for the strawberry flavors.

Okay, long update, I know. :d Thank you for sticking with us. Just keep doing your best, and we’ll do the same! :)

Thanks, and take care.

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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