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October 2020 Update

Hi everyone,

Remember how things were a year ago, back when life was normal (whatever that means) and you could be annoyed by the little things, like seeing pumpkin spice everything being advertised everywhere like it was a big deal? (I mean, to be fair, pumpkin spice is a big deal, but…)

Well, it may feel like the world is literally ending now, but the good news is, you can still be annoyed by pumpkin spice, yet again. At least at Super Body Fuel! :)

Because, for the third year in a row, we have brought back our seasonal Pumpkin Spice flavor, yay! :D

As usual, it’s nothing but real, certified organic spices: cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves, and nutmeg (pumpkin not included, obviously – that’s how pumpkin spice works). Sweetened with antioxidant-rich, luxuriously expensive monkfruit extract. Obviously. That’s how we do it.

Don’t worry, it’s not “premium” priced (it’s not ridiculously expensive like freeze-dried strawberry) but as a limited-time-only, seasonal flavor, it’s not available for subscription, so here are some handy links if you want to order now:

Hope you like it! :) And best of luck with voting, and avoiding the plague, or whatever else it is you’re busy surviving at the moment. <3

Thanks as always,

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

PS – Also, if you haven’t taken the Complete Food Survey 2020 yet, please consider doing so now! It’s like voting, except slightly less annoying because you can do it online and you get a 10% off coupon code at the end! :D Thanks to everyone who’s already participated.

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September 2020 Update

Hi everyone,

Wow, is it September already? :o Looks like we’re overdue for an update!

Well, we got some updates:

  • Delays from wildfires and supplier issues are over…?
  • Super Micros: our custom vitamin mix is back!
  • Sodium Citrate: included to reduce saltiness.
  • Milk Fuel: in two bags to reduce damage.

And some experiments:

  • Strawberry survey: add natural flavors?
  • Gift cards: now available virtually here!
  • Subscription discounts for renewals only.
  • Actualize: free samples still available!

As you may have noticed, we’ve had some shipping delays the last couple months. :p Our apologies for the inconvenience. We’re just about caught up, now that we’ve got all the ingredients we were waiting on and the wildfires in California are no longer so ominously on our doorstep. So, we’re getting back to normal.

Thankfully, one of the ingredients that we have back in stock is our own custom vitamin mix, available again as Super Micros, and back in the rest of our products – no more placeholder vitamins! :D We’ve also just started using an even more finely powdered form of Cellulose, for insoluble fiber, which should reduce grittiness further, especially immediately after mixed. More noticeably, we’ve updated our formulas with Sodium Citrate to reduce the excess saltiness of the previous version, and also slightly reduce bitterness at the same time.

For Milk Fuel, we’re going back to two smaller bags for every 40 meals, rather than one big bag. Sadly, despite the reduced packaging waste of the bigger bags, they would very frequently split open during shipping and end up being much more wasteful, as well as a very disappointing customer experience! :( We’re keeping the website and everything the same – just a heads up in case you’re wondering why you’re getting two smaller bags when you’re used to getting one.

So, after trying the 20% increase in the strawberry flavor, I’m still dissatisfied with the subtlety of the flavor, especially given the high cost. :/ I’m starting to wonder if we should try adding “natural strawberry flavor” to make the flavor more intense, on par with our other flavors… If this works, we may even be able to reduce the amount of expensive freeze-dried strawberry powder and bring the overall price down to the same level as the other flavors. That might be kind of cool. What do you think? Here’s a quick survey so you can tell us! :D

One new experiment we’re trying, in response to a customer request, is a Super Body Fuel gift card! It’s a virtual gift card where you can choose an amount of money and give the gift of optimal nutrition to someone you (hopefully) like, via email! :) Neat.

Another experiment is making subscription discounts only apply for renewals – in other words, the first order is full-price. This shouldn’t affect existing customers (if you are in the habit of canceling and creating new subscriptions, we encourage you to email us to make any subscription changes for you instead) but hopefully it will reduce the number of people who subscribe and then immediately cancel and never come back again! :p I’d thought about this before, but never bothered until now, when a customer encouraged me to do it – thank you for the suggestion! :)

We want our low prices to reward the people who actually like our stuff and want to stick around. That is, people like you – so if you end up with a subscription sign-up fee for some reason and you’re already an existing customer, just let us know and we’ll refund you the difference. ;) But yeah, you shouldn’t need to cancel a subscription – just email us and we’ll change it for you, or pause it, or adjust the next renewal date, or whatever you want.


We still haven’t launched Actualize! Oops. :p Good news is, we still have free samples available in exchange for honest reviews! :D

What’s Actualize? It’s a dairy-based ketogenic meal that comes in convenient just-add-water packets, which we’re helping reboot with a new look and improved formula, using our custom vitamin mix. :)

If you’re interested in a free sample of Actualize with your next Super Body Fuel order, just send us an email with the flavor you want (vanilla or chocolate, or both) and which subreddit you plan to post your review (like r/soylent)! :D And if there’s another social media platform where you want to post your review instead, just let us know. ;)

Oh, and don’t forget to fill out the strawberry survey:

Thanks as always! :) Stay well.

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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May 2020 Update

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all hanging in there okay! We’re still here, we’re all healthy (thankfully!) and we have just caught up with our pandemic backlog.

To those of you out in the world, working in essential businesses, thank you. To those of you stuck at home – or away from home – I feel you. If you’re looking for inspiration in the midst of quarantine right now, I highly recommend this little video: Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship You. I hope you find it as helpful a reminder as I have!

Staying healthy, physically and mentally, can be a lot harder than you might expect when you’re stuck in a (metaphorical) spaceship apart from the usual structures of society. If you can take this as an opportunity to come back better than you left, awesome. But no pressure – do what you can. That’s what I’m trying to do.

Anyway, we’ve got a lot of updates:

  • Super Micros: out of stock for a few weeks!
  • NATURELO: temporary placeholder vitamins.
  • 10% DHA: more stable and less smelly.
  • Actualize: free samples for your review!

And a few recipe tweaks coming soon:

  • Sodium Citrate added: to reduce saltiness.
  • Inositol halved: to prevent digestive issues.
  • Strawberry: now with 20% more flavor!

So, the main thing is that we ran out of our custom vitamin mix (oops), and we’re using a different vitamin as a placeholder until we get our resupply shipment. I’m really sorry about this – we had a miscalculation and I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the amount of actual product on our warehouse shelves… :/ So I found a multivitamin, from NATURELO, with similarly high-quality ingredients (methylated B vitamins, chelated minerals, and all that) that’s also vegan, and we’ve started using that in the meantime.

You might not notice a difference, but that’s what’s going on. And as a result, we’re unfortunately out of Super Micros and unable to resume shipping them until we get our resupply. :( My apologies.

We should be back to normal, vitamin-wise, in a few weeks.

In a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion to the seaweed-smell saga, we’ve switched to another algae-based DHA powder with a lower concentration of oil (10% instead of 18%) relative to the carrier powder, that should be more stable and less likely to smell. We’re still targeting the same amount of oil, over 500mg vegan long-chain omega-3 fats per day, including 400mg DHA. Hope you like it! :)

Here’s a new thing. We’re getting ready to launch our dairy-based ketogenic “just add water” partner product, Actualize:

If you would like a free sample of Actualize included in your next Super Body Fuel order, we are doing a giveaway – free samples in exchange for you posting an honest review on reddit (r/soylent or any relevant subreddit that you frequent)! :D

If you’re interested, just send us an email with the flavor you want (vanilla or chocolate, or both) and which subreddit you plan to post your review. If there’s another place outside of reddit where you’d rather post a review, just let us know! :)

And if you’ve already tried your sample, consider this a friendly reminder to please post your review on reddit when you get a chance. ;p

Oh, in case you’re wondering, we are still working on a rebrand for Super Body Fuel – it’s just been delayed a few months by all the interesting times this year. :d Stay tuned.

Coming soon are a couple minor recipe adjustments. First of all, based on updated nutrition data on our latest rice protein, we’ve increased the amount of salt to compensate for lower sodium levels than before, but that’s… made things a little too salty. So we’ll be substituting a bit of Sodium Citrate for some of that extra salt, which is a less-salty sodium source. Also, it’s supposed to be absorbed more readily than your usual Sodium Chloride and it maybe even helps reduce the perception of bitterness a bit, which is neat.

And at this point we’ve had a few people report digestive issues with the DHA and Myo-Inositol update this year, and just in case that’s due to the Inositol, we’ll be reducing the amount from 2g to 1g per day. A typical diet naturally includes 1-2g of Inositol anyway (less on a low-carb diet) but this may help those of you who don’t tolerate it as well. Let us know what you think.

Ooh, also, based on feedback that our strawberry flavor isn’t strong enoughwe’re bumping up the amount of freeze-dried strawberry powder by 20%! It looks like this may actually cause us to lose money on Milk Fuel, oops, so let us know what you think. :o I wish I were exaggerating, but there will be literally $15 worth of strawberries in each Milk Fuel Strawberry bag with this change – and that’s the wholesale price. Worth it or not? :p

At the same time, I suspect that the alkaline Potassium Bicarbonate in the mix is reacting with the acidic strawberries to mute the flavor and reduce the bright pink color as it dissolves, which is definitely not awesome. So we’ll also be experimenting with using only Dipotassium Phosphate instead, just for the strawberry flavors.

Okay, long update, I know. :d Thank you for sticking with us. Just keep doing your best, and we’ll do the same! :)

Thanks, and take care.

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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March 2020 Update

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you a quick update about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic – how it’s impacting Super Body Fuel, and what we’re doing about it.

Over the past week, orders have been coming in at an accelerating rate as everyone has started stockpiling food and supplies. We’re seeing an exponential inflection point with order volume more than tripling all of a sudden, and we’re not the only ones – Vite Ramen and other companies in this space have chimed in about this pattern. In other words, you may already have decided to stock up on Super Body Fuel, and if you haven’t yet, you’re probably thinking about it.

This is not a terrible problem to have, but we’re a small operation, and our ability to scale is limited. For now, we’re slightly backlogged, with delays anywhere from a day to a week, but it’s hard to say how bad things will get. At the moment, we’re ramping up our production schedule as much as we can without burning out and compromising our health, as well as stockpiling our own ingredients in anticipation of future demand.

As a registered food production facility following cGMP guidelines, we already have a lot of structures in place to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our product. But in light of this emerging pandemic, we’re taking even more precautions now to safeguard your health and ours. Our manufacturing team already wears gloves, masks, and hair nets at all times, and our warehouse team wears gloves. We wash and sanitize our equipment and work surfaces daily, and of course hand-washing is a frequent and required practice in any food facility. But we’re now keeping hand sanitizer by the door, sanitizing door knobs and faucet handles multiple times a day, and making extra sure to wash our hands for the full 30 seconds every time!

Fortunately, no one on the team is sick. To help keep it that way, we’re providing preventative supplements for free to the whole team, including Vitamin C, Vitamins A and D, Zinc and Copper, and immune-boosting mushroom extracts including Cordyceps and Turkey Tail. And of course, we all drink plenty of our own product. If you’re not already using our Fuel for the majority of your diet, we encourage you to consider adding extra Super Micros to your shakes to ensure that you get enough of these essential vitamins and minerals.

But if any of us do start feeling a little under the weather, we’ll make sure to stay at home to recover and avoid getting anyone else sick! Fortunately, we provide lots of options for paid time off, including unlimited vacation time and opportunities for paid self-education, so you don’t have to worry about anyone at Super Body Fuel working while sick just to pay the bills. We’re checking in daily with each other to report on any potential symptoms (none so far!) to ensure that nothing slips under the radar.

If you’re feeling healthy now and thinking of doing a multiple-day water fast to help reset your immune system, we’ve heard from some customers who find that supplementing with Super Electrolytes during the fast makes it safer and much more pleasant. Two teaspoons of Super Electrolytes with a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, dissolved into a big glass of water (and optionally with some stevia or monkfruit extract) is a good daily dose. Oh, and it’s also a good way to stay hydrated if you get the flu.

Most importantly, please take care of yourself! We’ll try to do the same. Get plenty of sleep, give yourself time to relax, wash your hands, and do the whole social distancing thing for the sake of yourself and everyone around you. Slow down the spread of this virus. And yeah, eat healthy. Don’t forget to stock up on oil or milk too! :d

And in other news…

As you may have heard, our latest formula update with the algae-based DHA came with some unintended consequences. A fraction of customers found that it made their shakes taste like seaweed – or worse, fishy! :o Obviously, this is not okay. So we reformulated to use half the DHA, with 400mg per day instead of 800mg, and over 500mg of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in total – still more than the typical fish oil supplement. We also revised our manufacturing process to mix the ingredient in only at the last minute, to reduce any exposure to air that could potentially increase the risk of oxidation. As a result, everyone who complained of a fishy taste has been happy with their half-DHA replacement, and we haven’t had any new complaints from this latest fix.

However, a few people still detect a hint of seaweed, even in the new batches. For now, the best solution is to let the mixture soak for longer in the fridge, but next we’ll be trying a DHA powder with a lower concentration of algal oil, which should reduce the smell and any risks of oxidation even further. This debacle has delayed the launch of our rebrand and new website by a couple of months, but it will be worth it to make sure we have the best product possible for the launch! :D

If you notice any issues, please let us know. All of our products and flavors should now be available in the latest, non-fishy formula, except for Keto Fuel Plain, which is on sale until we’ve cleared out the old stock. :) If you’ve tried the original DHA formula and didn’t have a problem, now’s your chance to stock up! ;D

Phew. :p

Thanks everyone, and stay well! <3

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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January 2020 Update

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! :D I can’t believe it’s 2020. Back when I was a kid, playing Civilization II, the year 2020 was when the game ended. When the future began. And now, it’s the future. :o

We’ve got a ton of updates to fill you in on, and even more coming up. Let’s get started:

  • New Year’s Sale! $5 off with coupon code: ITSTHEFUTURE
  • Milk Fuel Plain small bags on sale till they’re gone!
  • Scoops optional: remove from cart page, email us to add.
  • New, tasty rice protein: almost all the old stock is cleared out!
  • Keto Fuel reduced sodium: most flavors now at 100% DV.
  • Pumpkin Spice: still available, until it’s sold out!

And more excitingly:

  • Keto Fuel Strawberry is here: under 20g net carbs per day!
  • Omega-3 included: 800mg DHA, 2g Myo-Inositol per day.
  • New website, new brand, scaling up production soon…?

For our New Year’s sale this year, get $5 off in January with coupon code: ITSTHEFUTURE

If you have a subscription, just email us once your subscription renews and we’ll take off the $5 for you. :)

We also have a few more Milk Fuel Plain smalls left, the last of the small bags. Help us get rid of them – they’re on sale for really cheap! ;) And of course, pumpkin spice season may be over, but we still have plenty of Athlete Fuel Pumpkin SpiceMilk Fuel Pumpkin Spice, and Super Fuel Pumpkin Spice left in stock.

Scoops are now completely optional – no more scoops in the bags – and you can opt out of scoops for your order by removing them from the cart before checkout. If you want a scoop for a subscription renewal, just email us and let us know if you want a scoop next time or every time, and we’ll make sure you get it. ;)

More deliciously, our new organic rice protein with the amazingly neutral taste has been giving a big boost to the taste of our shakes (and my confidence in recommending it to people) and almost all the old rice protein stock has been cleared off the shelves. Yay! :D We’d love to hear if you can taste the difference.

Also, most flavors of Keto Fuel have been switched over to the 100% DV sodium amount, bringing it in line with our other products. Only a few flavors – cinnamon and plain – still have the old 150% DV sodium in stock. And once those are out, it’s 100% DV all the way! ;)

So… can you guess what’s so great about this neutral rice protein and this lower sodium for Keto Fuel? It means we can finally do Keto Fuel Strawberry! :D Yes, it tastes great, and it’s packed with real, super-expensive freeze-dried strawberry powder, just enough to keep it under 20g of net carbs per day. Try it out, I can’t wait to hear what you think. :)

And then there’s my favorite new feature – vegan long-chain omega-3 fatty acids included in the form of algal DHA powder, and the artist formerly known as Vitamin B8 who we call… Myo-Inositol. :) We’ve only recently started production on these new (dare I say… final?) formulas, so the update has only made it to a few flavors at present (Athlete Fuel Plain and Super Fuel Plain, for example). But keep an eye out for that in the near future!

With this update, your bases are covered as far as omega-3 intake, with no need for fish oil or copious quantities of chia or flax – this provides 800mg of DHA per day, with over 1000mg of total omega-3 fatty acids in the powder, and over 2000mg when mixed with oil or milk. This is a big deal. It took a little while given some delays with our supplier, but we worked it out – and now it’s here. Plus the Myo-Inositol, at 2g per day, should help keep your brain and hormonal system functioning properly. :)

Thanks to everyone who filled out our survey on these obscure nutrients! :D Based on your feedback, we decided to leave off the Acetyl-L-Carnitine, as our extra Vitamin C intake should ensure that your body synthesizes it from protein, and excess oral consumption can interfere with thyroid metabolism. But Myo-Inositol is legally required to be included in baby formula (as is DHA, for that matter) so we figured we should require it of our own. And probiotics proved to be a much more controversial option than expected, so we’re definitely skipping those. Take your probiotics separately, if you want ’em. :d

Oh, and I almost forgot – we’re rebranding. ;) We’ve been working on a fancy new website, and we just signed a deal with a bigger manufacturer to seriously scale up our production capacity. More to come in the next few months… :o And, we want to include some customer photos on the new site for our featured testimonials, so if you want to be famous with your photo on our fabulous upcoming website, send us an email. ;)

In the meantime, enjoy the New Year. Wishing you all the best in 2020! :D

Thanks everyone!

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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October 2019 Update

Hi everyone,

It’s October, and you know that means… Yes, that’s right – Pumpkin Spice everything! :D

And Super Body Fuel is no exception. ;) We’re bringing back our much loved (and much missed) pumpkin spice flavor for this fall season.

Since it’s just a limited-time, seasonal flavor, it won’t be available for subscription at subscription prices, just as a one-off purchase. But don’t worry, it’s not going to be a “premium flavor” at premium prices – organic pumpkin pie spice mix isn’t actually any more expensive than our usual flavors. We’re saving that for our strawberry flavor, which is super expensive (coming soon!). ;)

In case you missed any of our previous announcements, here’s what’s been going on with us lately:

  • Scoops are now optional! Reducereuse, and recycle!
  • Strawberry: to return shortly as a premium flavor!

And… here’s what’s coming up:

  • Organic rice protein: new supplier with better taste!
  • Keto Fuel: sodium to be reduced to 100% DV.
  • Omega-3: how about some vegan DHA?

Like that? ;) We found that about half the people using Keto Fuel aren’t actually doing it for ketosis, and the people who do generally still have to add more salt. So to make it more accessible to people who need to keep their sodium low enough that they don’t swell up or something, we’ll be bringing the sodium down to 100% DV – the level of our other products – and including a recommendation to add up to 1/4 teaspoon of salt per meal as needed. Thanks to everyone who weighed in! :)

I’m particularly excited about the new rice protein, especially since our old supplier has had a lot of variability in taste this year. But yes, you heard that right – vegan DHA from algae, not fish, the omega-3 fatty acid that is so critical for brain function. It’s not cheap, but we’ve found a supplier with reasonable price, at long last. The future is upon us, that’s for sure. ;p And you’re worth it. <3

Plus I’m tired of taking fish oil pills. ;)

Of course, DHA isn’t officially recognized as a required nutrient with a specified minimum intake, so we’re going to have to depend on other sources for these guidelines. Which we always do do anyway, of course. ;) But if you have a particular recommendation or request for how much DHA to include per day, let us know! Just keep in mind this stuff is expensive. :p

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you! Happy Pumpkin Spice Season, all! :D


Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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September 2019 Update

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend. :) We’re excited to announce that we’ve finally made scoops an optional item on the website, yay! :D Now when you add a product to your cart, a free scoop will be added to the cart along with it – and you can remove this scoop before checkout if you’d like to opt out. For subscriptions, the same happens but the scoops only come with the initial shipment – send us an email if you want to get scoops in an upcoming renewal. ;)

At the moment, we still have a bunch of product on our warehouse shelves that already has a scoop sealed inside the bag, so it may take a while before you actually receive a bag without a scoop. And don’t worry – scoops added as a separate item in the cart will be automatically omitted if there’s one in the bag already. But rest assured that no new scoops will be added to any new product we produce, going forward! :) Yep, just singlehandedly saving the planet over here. ;p

Also, note that we reduce waste by reusing filler material for all our shipping boxes – the crumpled labels, catalog pages, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts are all reused material that would otherwise get thrown away. We’re definitely not buying any packing peanuts – that would be gross! :p I mean, I’m allergic to peanuts. Seriously.

In other news, we’ve heard from many of you that you really love the new strawberry flavor – thank you! :D We’ve since calculated that the freeze-dried strawberry powder we’re using is so expensive that we’re actually losing money on Milk Fuel Strawberry, so we definitely can’t keep offering it at our usual price. What we’re thinking of doing is introducing the idea of a premium flavor that costs more than our usual low, low prices (buy now!) so we can afford do things like real strawberry – or even coffee or matcha. But (of course) we want to see what you think! So here’s a quick survey for you to give us your opinion on strawberry and other premium flavors.

While we’re at it, here’s another quick survey for you Keto Fuel customers (didn’t want you to feel left out!) about the sodium content in Keto Fuel. It’s been at 150% DV for a while now, given the increased sodium requirements of ketosis, but should we tone that down a bit? Or add even more? Let us know what you think! ;D

So, if you have 30 seconds to help determine the future of this company that you love so much, please do us a favor and fill out a survey or two! (for the keto crew)

Thank you! :D

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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August 2019 Update

Hi everyone,

Happy August! :) It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally releasing our strawberry flavor, with real freeze-dried strawberries! :D We’ve wanted a fruit flavor in the lineup for a long time, and now that we’ve adjusted our recipes to bring down the pH (as of last November) and found a really delicious freeze-dried strawberry supplier, it’s finally a reality.

Based on our disappointing experience with Keto Fuel Coffee (pretty much everyone hated it), we’ve refrained from making a Keto Fuel Strawberry, since the flavor of the strawberry really clashes with the rice protein, and doesn’t create that delicious strawberry cereal taste that you get with the oat-based mixes – not to mention all the carbs that real strawberries introduce. So you get to choose from Super Fuel StrawberryAthlete Fuel Strawberry, and of course Milk Fuel Strawberry (it’s really good). :) For all you ketoers out there, Keto Fuel Chocolate is still a favorite.

The only drawback with freeze-dried strawberry powder is that it’s really expensive. As in, it becomes the single most expensive ingredient in any product we add it to, even though we’re just using it for flavoring. :p So at our current subscription prices, we would actually lose money selling strawberry, and at our one-off prices, we barely break even.

So naturally, we’ll start by selling it at our one-off price, no subscriptions allowed. This is a test run, and we’ll see what you all think. If you just can’t get enough, and you’d even pay a little more just to have it as a regular option, let us know! Vote with your dollars and your comments. ;)

And no, if we have to use a “natural strawberry flavor” (fake) we won’t do it at all. Strawberry in particular is a really difficult flavor to synthesize well. It just doesn’t compare to the real thing. And we need to have the real thing. That’s how we do it.

Oh, and for those of you with strawberry allergies, we are producing our strawberry batches separately to avoid cross-contamination, so you should be good with your usual flavors. ;)

In other news, we’ve heard your overwhelming response in favor of making scoops an optional add-in to the shipping box, instead of including them automatically with every bag – thanks to everyone who filled out the survey! :D We’ll get to work on switching over our systems and processes to make that happen.

At the same time, we also hear that most of you don’t need the small bags of Milk Fuel, while some of you really love Milk Fuel Original and would be heartbroken to see it go. So we’re just going to stop producing the small Milk Fuel for now, while continuing to produce Original (and the other flavors) in the larger size. If you really want the small, now is the time to stock up! ;) And if you want to adjust the timing of your subscription to account for the larger size, just send us an email with the details and we’ll get that set up for you.

We’ll revisit the fate of Milk Fuel Original later on, so please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback on it too! In the meantime, please enjoy Strawberry and let us know what you think! :D We’re so excited to hear how it goes for you! :)

Thanks everyone!

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

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January 2019 Update

Hi everyone,

Happy (belated) New Year! ;p

We wanted to have something exciting to share with you for January, so we planned to release a new coffee flavor (yay!) on New Year’s Day, which would have been great timing. But the shipment of coffee powder we ordered was delayed by a few weeks, so, well… we’re releasing it halfway through the month, right now, yay! :D Coffee!

  • Caffeinated coffee flavor: now available!
  • Pumpkin spice flavor: still selling, until it’s gone.
  • January sale! 10% off for the rest of the month: WAKEUPAND
  • Athlete Fuel: increasing calories from 2500 to 2600.

Word on the street (well, among the Super Body Fuel team) is that coffee is quite possibly the best flavor yet, even for non-coffee-drinkers like myself. And that’s not counting America’s favorite nootropic, caffeine – one meal of our coffee flavor being the equivalent of about one cup of coffee* (around 100mg). So even if you like the taste, you probably don’t want to have this one for dinner. ;) But if you like coffee in the morning, you might want to give this a try!

Oh, and this is another limited run flavor, like pumpkin spice (did you know we had that?), so again we’ve made one batch of each (Milk FuelSuper FuelKeto FuelAthlete Fuel) and we’ll keep making it for at least the end of this month. As far as pumpkin spice, we’ve stopped making new batches, but we’ll keep selling it until it’s out of stock. If you have a problem with that, don’t be shy – let us know. ;)

And yes, we’re doing a January sale this year too. :) Get 10% off everything for the rest of this month with coupon code WAKEUPAND. You know, as in, “Wake up and crush your goals for 2019!” or however the saying goes. Well, whether you’re trying to get woke, or get swole, or just savor each moment (become whole?), we hope we can help make that just a little bit better for you. Best wishes for the new year from all of us at Super Body Fuel. :)

Also, you may have already heard this from us, but Athlete Fuel is getting an adjustment – we’ll be increasing the number of calories slightly, so that the default recipe gives you 2600 calories a day instead of 2500. This should make things a little bit easier and more cost-effective for those you trying to bulk, but most importantly, it makes the meal calories a nice, even 650, so I don’t have to keep being annoyed by the way we have to round 625 to 630 in the Nutrition Facts (thanks, FDA). Perfect! :D

At the same time, we’ll be bringing the Athlete Fuel sodium and potassium amounts to 100% DV as well, down slightly from the rather arbitrary levels they were at before. Thanks again to everyone who weighed in on these changes! Keep on eye out for them over the next month or so. ;)

Happy New Year, you all!

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)

* We’re using actual coffee, the instant dissolvable kind, so caffeine content may vary.

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November 2018 Update

Hi everyone,

It’s that time of year again… The time when I look at the calendar and realize that we missed the window of opportunity to release a seasonal pumpkin spice flavor for Super Body Fuel, and that we’re too busy to justify doing something so silly and frivolous when we’re frantically trying to build up a stable production team in time for the new year.

But this year, things are different.

We’re doing it. We’re doing the pumpkin spice (okay, the pumpkin pie spice, for you pedants out there) and we’re doing it only semi-ironically, because it’s delicious. And it’s the real thing – nothing but real, certified organic spices: cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves, and nutmeg.

Come and get it. We’ve made one batch of each (Milk FuelSuper FuelKeto FuelAthlete Fuel), and we’ll make more if you all like it that much, but we’ll only keep making it until the end of the year. That’s the plan, at least. ;)

Thanks to the Super Body Fuel team for keeping this train chugging along so smoothly and getting behind the pumpkin spice crusade with such enthusiasm that I just couldn’t come up with any reasons not to make it happen. You all are awesome. :)

In other news, we’re rolling out an update to the potassium source in Keto Fuel and Super Fuel, because just using Potassium Bicarbonate alone makes the drink too alkaline. In order to bring the pH down and make it more neutral (and easier to digest), we’re using a combination of Dipotassium Phosphate and Potassium Bicarbonate instead, and replacing the Calcium Phosphate with Calcium Citrate, to keep the phosphorus content from getting out of hand. Specifically, the Dipotassium Phosphate will provide 100% DV of phosphorus, with some additional phosphorus coming from the oat flour or rice protein in the mix.

This should not affect the flavor – after a lot of testing, we’ve found that this is the best combination of potassium sources for flavor neutrality, while most other potassium sources have strong bitter or sour notes. And because it’s not so alkaline anymore, it won’t pop and fizz with carbonation after you shake it up, and more importantly, you can add berries to it without the acidic juice reacting with the bicarbonate and tasting weird, yay! :D

Hmm, perhaps a real strawberry flavor could become an option down the road?

Well, let’s see how things go with the pumpkin spice, first. ;)

Have a great holiday season, everyone. :) And we’re not going to do a sale for Black Friday or Cyber Monday or anything like that, so don’t wait around for it. Maybe we’ll do an anti-sale, where everything costs twice as much. You’d like that, right? ;p

Thanks and Thanksgiving to you all! :D

Alex Cho Snyder (axcho)